How to Highlight Text in Pages on MacBook

Highlighting text in a Pages document on MacBook is a necessity if you want to make reading documents easier.

Focusing on key points in highlighted text allows you to revisit your document & remember where you left off. Here’s how to highlight text in Pages on Mac.

Highlighting in Pages on Mac

Text selection is the precursor to highlighting and is accomplished by using the trackpad or a mouse.

Click and drag over the text you wish to select. For keyboard enthusiasts, hold down the ‘Shift’ key and use the arrow keys to extend your selection.


In Pages and Microsoft Word, after selecting text, you can highlight by clicking on the ‘Highlight’ button in under Insert in the menu bar.

You can also press the Shift key, Command and the H button as a shortcut (⌘⇧H).


This is how easy it is to highlight when you’re using Pages on a Macbook Pro or Air.

Customizing Highlight Color and Style

Pages also allows for customization of highlight color and style. In most Word processors, you can typically find these options in the formatting toolbar, and it’s no different for Pages.

To do this, click on View from within the Apple menu Toolbar, and then scroll down to Comments & Changes, and select Author Color.

You’ll then be presented with a list of colors to choose from – choose your preferred color, or style to make your highlights more organized.

If you find that highlighting doesn’t work as expected, this is usually down to your settings, so head into System Settings and ensure your trackpad or mouse is working correctly. However for the most part, it’s a pretty simple task.



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