How to find passwords on Macbook

Passwords can be a nightmare to manage, and Apple have been trying to make it quicker and more accessible to do so. Fortunately, finding passwords on your Macbook is simpler than it has been with previous versions of the operating system.

Finding Passwords on macOS – Easier than ever

With Sonoma and newer Mac operating systems, we can easily manage all of our saved password settings from within our own settings.

To do this, first start by going into System Settings – you can find this by selecting the Apple icon in your menu bar.


Scroll down, and on the left you should be able to see an option called Passwords. When you click on this option, it’ll likely be locked.


You’ll then be invited to enter your Admin password. This will give you access to the Password section of your Macbook.


Now you’re in the Passwords section, you have access to all of the passwords that you have saved on your Macbook. You can change various things here, including;

  • Looking through your security recommendations to see which passwords you may need to change urgently.
  • Turning Autofill on and off, as well as enabling your Passwords manager to access your iCloud keychain. If this isn’t enabled, you may not see your passwords available here.
  • Share passwords for your accounts with your family and friends that also use Apple devices.
  • Go through each individual password for each account that you have saved on your device.

Older versions of macOS may not yet have access to this level of information. So, it’s important to upgrade your device to the latest verson of the operating system.

Using Keychain Access on all of your devices

In the past, we used to do this via the Keychain Access tool, which is a built-in feature on your MacBook that securely stores your passwords and account information.


This is still useful, as it works across all of your Apple devices and operating systems – macOS, iOS, iPadOS & more. Password manager just gives us the ability to see this with more information, and in an easy to access format.

Keychain access is still vital when you want to retrieve saved passwords for various applications and websites. It’s integrated into macOS, ensuring secure and encrypted storage of your credentials.

If you want to check it out, the easiest way to access it is to open Spotlight and search. While Keychain Access is a powerful tool, it’s crucial to use it responsibly.

Ensure that your MacBook is secure, especially if you share it with others. Regularly update your MacBook passwords and consider using two-factor authentication for added security.

Remember, accessing saved passwords should always be done with privacy and security in mind.


It’s easier than ever to create and manage passwords on a Macbook. If you’re worried about security, it’s a great idea to ensure that you’ve got a solid mix of random characters.

And if you ever want to find them and change them, you can simply come back to this guide.


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