How to connect Magic mouse to Mac

You’ve just got your Magic mouse delivered and you’re finally ready to stop hunching over your Macbook. But once you’ve turned your Apple mouse on, how can you connect it to your device? Here’s how to connect Mac to mouse.

Connecting Your Magic Mouse to Macbook

First, make sure that your mouse is charged. Newer versions of the Magic mouse have the charging port on the underside of the mouse, so insert your cable and connect it to your Macbook to charge.

Then, you need to turn your Magic Mouse on. You can locate the switch on the bottom of the mouse next to the charging port – slide it to the ‘on’ position.

Now, we need to enable Bluetooth on your Mac. To do this, go into System Settings from your Apple menu bar and then select Bluetooth. You’ll see all of the devices you’re currently connected to.


Now, you just need to pair your Magic Mouse. With Bluetooth enabled, your Mac will automatically search for devices, so you just need to make sure that it’s within a certain range of your Macbook.

The Magic Mouse should appear in the list. When it does, select ‘Connect’ next to its name to establish the connection.

Why won’t it connect? The most likely reasons

Occasionally, you might encounter issues while connecting your Magic Mouse to your Mac. The most common reasons for this are;

  • Battery Levels – A low battery can prevent the mouse from being detected by your MacBook. Make sure that you’ve connected your mouse to your Macbook via cable so that it’s charged.
  • Outdated macOS – If your operating system is outdated, you can run into compatibility issues with the Magic Mouse. Go to Apple Menu > About This Mac > Software Update to check for available updates. This can also fix a disappearing mouse cursor.
  • Re-add the Magic Mouse – Sometimes, simply re-adding the Magic mouse is enough to get it working again. Go to System Settings > Bluetooth, find the Magic Mouse, click the ‘x’ next to its name to forget the device, and then pair it again.
  • Check for Interference – Bluetooth interference with other devices can stop you from connecting Mac to mouse. Ensure your MacBook and Magic Mouse are away from other devices when trying to connect.

It should be fairly easy to connect your Magic Mouse to your Mac, but if it isn’t, there’s usually a few is a straightforward process that enhances your computing experience.

By following these steps and troubleshooting tips, you can enjoy the full range of features this innovative device offers.



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