How to Charge Apple Pencil 2

The Apple Pencil 2 is almost an essential tool these days for iPad users, as it gives us the ability to take notes, sketch ideas, or edit documents with precision.

Like any rechargeable device though, you need to make sure your Apple Pencil is charged if you want it to keep working, which is even easier to do with the 2nd generation Pencil’s design.

Magnetic Wireless Charging for the Apple Pencil

One of the things that separates the Apple Pencil 2 from the other stylus’ on the market is its ability to charge wirelessly simply by attaching it magnetically to the side of a compatible iPad.

The flat edge of the Pencil snaps right onto the magnetic strip along the right side of an iPad Pro, iPad Air or iPad mini. You’ll know that its attached as you’ll be able to hear it click.

Once magnetically attached, charging begins automatically with no extra steps required. A charging indicator appears on the iPad screen to let you know the current battery level of the Pencil as it charges.

So, unlike the previous Apple Pencil that was a little more difficult to charge, there are no ports to plug in. Just magnetically attach the Pencil to your iPad and you’ll find that the battery starts replenishing, and you can then turn it on.

Battery Life and Charging Time

According to Apple, the Pencil gets a fairly impressive 12 hours of battery life from a full charge under typical use conditions involving writing, drawing, and using gestures.

But when the battery gets low, a 15-second charge while attached to your iPad gives it enough juice for another 30 minutes of use.

A full charge from depleted to 100% takes around 30 minutes when charging wirelessly on the iPad’s magnetic connector. So it charges up very quickly compared to many other devices.

Alternative Charging Method

While magnetically snapping the Pencil onto the iPad is the most elegant and convenient charging solution, Apple also provides an optional Pencil Charging Adapter that uses a Lightning connector cable. This plugs into a power source like a laptop or wall adapter.

To charge the Pencil 2 using the adapter, you remove the Pencil’s magnetic cap and plug it directly into the adapter’s connector port.

A small LED on the adapter indicates charging status – amber for actively charging or green for fully charged.

The adapter method can come in handy if you need to charge the Pencil away from your iPad, such as when traveling – just remember you’ll need to pack the adapter accessory too.

For iPad users, the Apple Pencil 2 is a worthwhile investment, with increased pressure sensitivity, ultra-low latency, and useful gesture controls. And, its easy magnetic wireless charging makes keeping it charged easier than ever.



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