How to Adjust Mouse Sensitivity on Your Mac

Are you finding your mouse or trackpad slow and sluggish when you’re using it? Or, perhaps it’s the complete opposite and you’re finding your cursor overly sensitive when scrolling on your Mac?

Either way, this can make navigating macOS a chore. Fortunately for us, adjusting mouse and trackpad sensitivity is a quick and easy process that can make your Mac experience even better.

Here’s how to fine-tune your mouse and trackpad settings for optimal performance.

Adjusting Your AppleMouse Sensitivity

First, click on the Apple menu in the top-left corner of your screen and select “System Settings.”


In the System Settings window, locate and click on the “Mouse” icon.


In the Mouse preferences pane, you’ll see a slider labeled “Tracking speed.” This setting controls the sensitivity of your mouse.


Slide the “Tracking speed” slider to the left to decrease the mouse sensitivity or to the right to increase it. As you adjust the slider, you’ll notice the mouse pointer moving faster or slower on your screen.

Before settling, it’s important to test the new sensitivity setting by moving your mouse around and clicking on various items to ensure it feels comfortable and responsive.

If you’re using a mouse with multiple buttons, you can also customize their functions in the “Point & Click” and “More Gestures” tabs within the Mouse preferences pane.

In fact, it’s worth doing this anyway even if you don’t have a mouse with buttons, as you can add some pretty quick shortcuts by using gestures to your advantage.

Anyway, once you’re satisfied with your mouse sensitivity settings, close the System Preferences window. And that’s it! Adjusting your mouse sensitivity is actually pretty straightforward – once you know how.

Adjusting Trackpad Sensitivity

But it’s not just the Apple Mouse that we may want to adjust, is it? If you use your Mac trackpad or have the additional Magic trackpad, you can also adjust the sensitivity of this too.

To do this, again start by opening up “System Settings” from the Apple menu.

Then, instead of clicking Mouse scroll down and click on the “Trackpad” icon in the System Settings window.


In the Trackpad preferences pane, select the “Point & Click” tab. Locate the “Tracking speed” slider, which controls the sensitivity of your trackpad.


After you’ve done this, you can then go ahead and adjust the slider to the left for a slower, more precise cursor movement or to the right for a faster, more responsive cursor.

Again, it’s important that you test the new trackpad sensitivity by moving your finger across the trackpad and clicking on various elements to ensure it feels comfortable.

By taking a few minutes to adjust your mouse and trackpad sensitivity settings, you can significantly enhance your Mac experience, improve your productivity. and enjoy a smoother, more responsive Mac navigation experience!



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