How much do Apple Store employees actually make?

Have you ever wondered how much those smiling, helpful employees at your local Apple Store take home in their paychecks? After doing some digging, I’m excited to share what I’ve discovered about Apple Store employee pay. Let’s dive in!

Entry Level Roles and Pay Rates

For most eager Apple fans, the journey begins with an entry-level position like Specialist or Technical Specialist.

These roles involve helping customers, running workshops, troubleshooting devices, and of course, selling those shiny new Macbook Pros we all drool over. Based on data from Glassdoor, here’s what you can expect for starting pay at an Apple Store in the US:

  • Specialists: $15-20 per hour
  • Technical Specialists: $18-22 per hour

Not too shabby, especially compared to many other retail gigs. But Apple rewards employees who stick around and level up their skills. With experience and promotions, your Apple Store paycheck can really start to grow.

Moving on Up: Genius and Lead Genius Roles

For the true tech geeks looking to put their Macbook mastery to work, the Genius and Lead Genius roles are where it’s at.

The resident experts at fixing any hardware or software issue, Geniuses are the heroes of the Genius Bar. And their paychecks certainly reflect their expertise:

  • Geniuses: $21-26 per hour
  • Lead Geniuses: $25-30+ per hour

Not only do these roles come with a nice pay bump, but they’re also a chance to truly geek out and solve complex problems all day. What could be better than getting paid to work on Macs?

Management Roles and Compensation

If you’ve got a knack for leadership, an Apple Store management position might be your dream job.

Apple Store managers oversee an entire team of technicians and salespeople, ensuring every customer’s Macbook dreams come true.

But what about their compensation? Based on data from Glassdoor and, here’s the scoop:

  • Assistant Store Managers: $49k-77k per year
  • Store Managers: $73k-104k per year

With perks like bonuses, stock grants, and stellar benefits added on top, an Apple Store manager role is nothing to sneeze at. Plus, you get to spend your days surrounded by the latest, greatest Apple tech. Talk about a dream job!

The Bottom Line

So, there you have it – the inside scoop on Apple Store employee pay. Whether you’re looking to snag a Specialist role and learn the ropes, level up to an expert Genius, or even manage your own store, there’s a rewarding Apple career path waiting for you.

Of course, the biggest perk of all is getting to play with all the cutting-edge Apple devices, immersing yourself in the world of Macbooks, iPhones, iPads, and more. If that sounds like your definition of career bliss, consider this your friendly nudge to toss that resume Apple’s way.

Have you worked at an Apple Store yourself or know someone who has? We’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments below! And if you’re a proud owner of a new M1 Macbook, give your local Apple Store employees an extra big smile next time you’re in – they’ve earned it.


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