Best Hacking Apps for iOS – A Guide

Finding hacking apps for iOS is more difficult than finding them for Android. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. We’re going to look through some of the best hacking apps that iPhone users can download now.

iRET (iOS Reverse Engineering Toolkit)

iRET, or the iOS Reverse Engineering Toolkit, is a sophisticated toolkit designed for the security analysis and reverse engineering of iOS applications.

It provides a user-friendly interface, making it accessible for ethical hackers and security researchers. The toolkit is equipped with a variety of features that are crucial for in-depth app analysis.

These features include binary analysis, keychain manipulation, and data extraction capabilities.

Such functionalities make iRET an essential tool for identifying vulnerabilities and potential security issues within iOS applications.

It stands out as a valuable asset in the realm of mobile security research and ethical hacking.


xMobi is a hacking tool designed specifically for iOS devices, renowned for its simplicity and remote functionality.

It eliminates the need for downloading specialized software or performing complex installations and connections to the target device.

xMobi stands out for its advanced encryption technologies and a multi-level data protection system, ensuring complete privacy and discretion during the hacking process.

The tool allows users to gain access to the information needed to hack into various accounts swiftly, making it a powerful and covert solution for hacking needs.

Its user-friendly approach and efficient operation have positioned xMobi as a top choice in iPhone hacking applications.


Frida is a dynamic code instrumentation toolkit, primarily used for hacking and security analysis of iOS applications. It allows users to inject their own scripts into live running processes on iOS devices.

This capability enables real-time monitoring, modification, and analysis of application behavior, making Frida an invaluable tool for vulnerability assessment and exploit development.

Its dynamic nature makes it particularly useful for researchers and ethical hackers who need to interact with applications in real time to identify potential security flaws or understand app behavior.

Frida’s versatility and power make it a key resource in the field of mobile application security.


Phonsee is an iPhone hacking application that caters to various monitoring needs, making it especially useful for parents, guardians, and individuals focused on digital security.

It offers remote access functionality, allowing users to retrieve photos, videos, and files from the target iPhone. This provides insights into the multimedia content and usage patterns of the device.

A key feature of Phonsee is its keylogger capability, which captures keystrokes on the target device, revealing passwords, messages, and other textual inputs.

The app’s user-friendly design and intuitive interface make it accessible even to those with limited technical expertise, positioning it as a robust and user-centric iPhone hacking tool.


uMobix is a comprehensive iPhone hacking app designed to offer extensive monitoring capabilities without requiring complex instructions or guidance.

It’s user-friendly, enabling effortless tracking of activities on a target iPhone. This app allows users to monitor calls, SMS messages (including deleted ones), WiFi connections, call and messaging histories, and browsing activities.

It also features an Address Book tool for verifying contact details. Notably, uMobix is compatible with all iPhone versions and models, including iPads, and offers a range of features without necessitating jailbreaking of the device.

This makes it an ideal choice for reliable and effective mobile monitoring.


EyeZy is a notable iPhone hacking app known for its real-time monitoring capabilities.

It distinguishes itself with a user-friendly dashboard interface, making it accessible to a broad audience regardless of their technical background.

EyeZy allows users to access a wide range of information, including call logs, text messages, and precise location data.

Its standout feature is geofencing, which is particularly valuable for parents concerned about their children’s safety.

This function triggers alerts when the monitored device enters or exits predefined geographical areas.

Additionally, EyeZy operates without requiring jailbreaking of the target device, simplifying the user experience and enabling immediate monitoring without technical complexities.


iNalyzer is a comprehensive tool designed for the security assessment of iOS applications.

Its primary function is to automate the process of identifying vulnerabilities and potential security risks within these applications.

iNalyzer offers a range of features that include both static and dynamic analysis, enabling a thorough examination of apps.

Additionally, it is equipped with data leakage detection capabilities and provides SSL/TLS security testing.

These functionalities make iNalyzer an efficient and valuable resource for those engaged in the security analysis of iOS applications, such as ethical hackers, developers, and security researchers.


Flex is a powerful development tool specifically designed for iOS, primarily used for tweaking and modifying the behavior of installed applications.

It allows users to create custom patches and modify app functions, thereby offering a deep insight into how apps operate.

This makes Flex a versatile tool, not just for ethical hackers looking to understand and possibly exploit app vulnerabilities, but also for developers keen on analyzing and enhancing app performance.

Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive functionality make it a popular choice for those who wish to explore and manipulate the inner workings of iOS applications.

Burp Suite

Burp Suite is a renowned web application security testing tool, also available for iOS devices. It’s designed to help identify and exploit vulnerabilities in web applications and services.

Burp Suite offers a comprehensive set of features including proxy interception, allowing users to analyze and modify network traffic between their browser and the internet.

It also includes a scanner for automated vulnerability detection and an intruder tool for performing customized attacks.

These features make Burp Suite a powerful and essential tool for security professionals and ethical hackers who are focused on assessing and enhancing the security of web applications.


Hoverwatch is a sophisticated iPhone hacking app designed with a focus on user-centric features.

It stands out for its capability to discreetly capture photos using the device’s front camera during incorrect unlock attempts.

Additionally, Hoverwatch excels in monitoring text messages and calls, providing detailed insights into the communication patterns on the target device.

The app also allows users to track websites visited, offering a broader understanding of the device’s online activities.

An important feature is its alert system, which notifies users instantly in case of SIM card changes. With its user-friendly interface and robust functionalities, Hoverwatch serves as an effective tool for monitoring and protecting iPhone devices.


XNSPY is an iPhone hacking app tailored for discreet monitoring of iOS devices.

It provides users with the ability to access text messages, track real-time locations, and monitor activities on the target device without detection.

XNSPY is particularly useful for parental and professional applications, offering features for tracking social media interactions and precise GPS location.

Additionally, it includes monitoring of WiFi logs and social media activities. Despite its advanced capabilities, XNSPY is priced reasonably, making it accessible for those in need of effective iPhone surveillance.

It’s a go-to choice for individuals seeking to covertly and responsibly monitor iOS devices.


mSpy is a prominent iPhone hacking app known for its robust features and 24/7 multi-language customer service.

It specializes in social media monitoring, allowing users to effectively spy on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Snapchat. mSpy operates in stealth mode, enabling the viewing, sending, receiving, and even deletion of messages while remaining undetectable.

Notably, mSpy’s license is restricted to a single smartphone at a time. It has established a reputation as a comprehensive and reliable solution for various iPhone monitoring needs, offering peace of mind to users seeking a range of hacking capabilities.


Cocospy is a highly regarded iPhone hacking app, celebrated for its ease of installation and user-friendly dashboard.

This app allows comprehensive monitoring of the target device, including detailed views of contacts and call history.

A notable feature is its capability to discreetly flag and block suspicious contacts. Cocospy also lets users delve into the device’s media content and scrutinize messages on social media apps.

It includes location tracking functionality as well. Its combination of a straightforward user interface and powerful monitoring features makes Cocospy a versatile and reliable choice for those seeking effective iPhone hacking solutions.


MobSF, short for Mobile Security Framework, is an all-encompassing mobile application security testing framework that supports both Android and iOS platforms.

This tool is designed to perform a variety of security assessments, including static and dynamic analysis as well as malware detection.

It serves as an essential tool for mobile security enthusiasts, offering a comprehensive evaluation of mobile applications.

The versatility of MobSF lies in its ability to cater to different facets of mobile app security, making it a vital resource for those engaged in ensuring the security and integrity of mobile applications across varied operating systems.


Needle is an open-source modular framework specifically tailored for iOS security testing.

It offers a variety of modules designed to assist in various tasks such as binary analysis, data storage analysis, and network communications. This versatility makes Needle a powerful tool for ethical hackers and security researchers.

Its modular nature allows users to customize the tool according to their specific testing needs, enhancing its effectiveness in identifying security vulnerabilities within iOS applications.

Needle’s comprehensive capabilities make it a valuable asset in the arsenal of those focused on strengthening the security and integrity of iOS apps.


IDB is a specialized tool used for the security assessment of iOS applications, with a particular focus on data storage and Inter-Process Communication (IPC) vulnerabilities.

It facilitates easy inspection of app data, manipulation of keychains, and analysis of IPC mechanisms. This tool is essential for identifying potential security risks within iOS apps.

IDB’s simplicity and powerful features make it an invaluable resource for those involved in iOS app security, providing a streamlined and effective approach to uncovering and addressing security vulnerabilities.


KidsGuardPro is a premium spyware application designed primarily for monitoring and security purposes.

It offers essential functionalities like tracking calls and messages, monitoring location history, and providing comprehensive oversight of social media and online activities on the target device.

A distinctive feature of KidsGuardPro is its ability to access a device’s iCloud data without needing physical access to the target iOS device. Additionally, it includes a keylogger feature that records every keystroke made on the target device.

While primarily aimed at parental control, its comprehensive features and ease of installation make it a versatile tool for various monitoring needs.


Spyzie is an advanced iPhone hacking app known for its compatibility with two-factor authentication, making it a standout choice in the realm of iOS monitoring.

This versatile app allows users to discreetly monitor a range of activities, including text messages and real-time locations, on their target’s device. Spyzie is especially beneficial for parents, partners, or employers who need to covertly oversee iOS devices.

It features a calendar for tracking scheduled events, a real-time SIM card location tracker, and easy access to call and message logs.

Compatible with all iOS versions, Spyzie offers a comprehensive solution for users needing subtle yet effective surveillance capabilities.


Spyic is a comprehensive spy app tailored for iPhone, focusing primarily on parental control. It is designed for individuals who need to remotely monitor their children’s activities.

Spyic excels in advanced phone tracking, including social media monitoring across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Viber.

While its coverage of social media apps may be narrower than some competitors, it compensates by offering access to call logs, chats, and images without the need for rooting or jailbreaking the device.

Spyic also automatically generates a list of frequently contacted individuals, making it easier to identify important contacts on the monitored device.


Objection is a runtime mobile exploration toolkit that allows for deep interaction with the runtime environment of iOS applications.

It is specifically designed to perform tasks like method swizzling, class dumping, and instance tracking.

This makes Objection a powerful tool for security testing and reverse engineering.

Its primary use is in understanding and manipulating the runtime behavior of iOS apps, which is crucial for identifying potential vulnerabilities or for educational purposes in the realm of mobile app security.

Objection’s capabilities enable users to gain a deeper insight into the inner workings of iOS applications in real-time.


Cycript is a unique scripting language tailored for exploring and modifying running iOS applications.

It distinctively combines features from JavaScript and Objective-C, making it a versatile and powerful tool for ethical hackers and security researchers.

The primary application of Cycript is to analyze and manipulate iOS apps in real-time, providing a dynamic platform for understanding the inner workings of these applications.

Its hybrid nature allows for a broad range of functionalities, making it an invaluable resource for those involved in mobile app security and reverse engineering, seeking to delve deeper into iOS application behavior and structure.

Each of these apps offers unique features and capabilities, making them suitable for a range of hacking and security analysis purposes. Of course, it’s important to mention that you should use these tools ethically and legally.


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