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Latest Safari versions address browser hijacking

NewSafariIconXOne of the more notorious problems you might run into when using a computer is a browser hijacking attack, where stumbling upon a maliciously crafted Web site will result in an alert being repeatedly displayed, regardless of how many times you try to close it. While you might resort to force-quitting Safari to overcome this problem, with Apple’s “Resume” feature in OS X, when you re-launch the browser your Web pages will load again, resulting in the same frustrating behavior. Continue reading

How to force-reboot your Mac, iPad, iPhone, or Apple Watch

PowerIconDo you know how to force-reboot your Apple device if it is not responding to your input? Every now and then you may run into an issue with your Mac, iPhone, or Apple Watch where the device will hard-freeze otherwise become unresponsive. In these cases, its often a good idea to give your system some time to recover from its hangup, but if after waiting for a while you still cannot use it, then a quick forced-restart may be your only option. Continue reading

Having Wi-Fi issues after updating to 10.10.2? Try these fixes

WiFiIconXOne of Apple’s focuses with the recent 10.10.2 update was for Wi-Fi reliability; however, given that in doing so Apple adjusted the code for its Wi-Fi services, some systems that had stable Wi-Fi connections before the update might now experience problems. In addition, as with any update, sometimes those with ongoing problems may see them persist. If you are experiencing Wi-Fi problems after updating to OS X 10.10.2, then there are some things you can try to stabilize your connection. Continue reading

Enhance Find My iPhone with ‘Last Location’ in iOS 8

FindMyMacIconXThe Find My iPhone feature that is part of Apple’s iCloud service is a great security option to enable, as it allows you to locate, erase, or message your device if it is ever lost or stolen. This service can be easily enabled for OS X or iOS devices, where once you have logged into iCloud in the OS X system preferences, you can check this option as one of the features to enable. In the case of iOS, you can toggle this option in the Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone section. Continue reading

How to find special characters in OS X

FontBookIconXWhen composing word processing documents, or otherwise handling text on your Mac, you might find yourself needing to use special symbols, be it something simple like a star, bullet, or check, or perhaps something more unique like a math symbol or foreign language character. To provide you with this, OS X supports a full set of unicode fonts, and if special characters are needed then there are a couple of quick ways to access and manage them. Continue reading

Overcome an OS X 10.9.4 update checksum error

InstallerIconXApple recently released OS X 10.9.4, which addresses several problems with Macs being unable to connect to Wi-Fi networks, and improving the system’s ability to wake from sleep without pauses or other problems. The update is available through the App Store, but when some people have attempted installing it, they have run into an “invalid checksum” error that prevents them from applying the update. Continue reading