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MacIssues site problems and status

To all readers, MacIssues has had some problems in the past few weeks that have been rather difficult to address. These have included incredibly slow loading times, and errors about inability to establish database connections that have cropped up when people load the pages. Today the site went completely down, and I had to do a full reset and restore. I am looking into what has caused the problems, including potential malicious activity. As things stand, a few of the more recent articles are missing, and some visual tweaks need to be done, but overall the site and its content should be running properly now. Posting should also continue on a regular basis. Thank you for everyone who has attempted to reach me regarding this.

Buying decisions: iPad Pro or MacBook Air?

iPadIconXApple’s iPad line is getting bigger and more powerful with every new release, and while tablets have some distinct differences from classic laptops, their capabilities are progressing to overlap with or in some cases extend beyond those of laptops. With the release of Apple’s new iPad Pro and upcoming iOS 9, the distinctions are becoming even less, so if you are in the market for a new system, you might find yourself wondering whether to go for an iPad or a comparably priced OS X system such as a MacBook Air, especially if it will be your only computer. Continue reading

Considerations Before Purchasing an Apple Watch

AppleWatchThe Apple Watch is just around the corner, and has gained so much buzz that it has won some notable awards even before it has hit the shelves (one can only guess at how that happens). Given that Apple’s marketing department is in high gear for this new device, we are left wondering whether it will take off, or flop. From this, the big question really boils down to: will you buy one? Even though a new slick watch looks and sounds neat, unless it fits your lifestyle you might end up with a device you either do not use, or find little utility for. Continue reading

To all MacIssues readers: Thank You!

TopherSmallAs we pull into 2015, I would like to take a quick moment to thank all of the MacIssues readers and regular visitors who have helped build this site in the past year. By visiting and sharing MacIssues with friends and colleagues, this site has grown and developed a solid flow of readers, many who I have had the fortune of interacting with, either by helping with computer problems, receiving requests and advice, or otherwise. Continue reading

What are the Command Line Developer tools in OS X?

TerminalIconXSometimes you might try to run a program or two on your Mac, and encounter a message that states you need to install the command line developer tools. The message will then have options to install the tools, cancel the request, or get Apple’s XCode software package.

If you encounter this warning, you may wonder Continue reading

Q&A: MacIssues Answers

QuestionIconXMacIssues Answers is a periodic column where I respond to questions asked by MacIssues readers. In this session, readers asked about styling text in Calendar entries, how to best switch from Thunderbird to Mail, and how to remove unused and cluttering apps that were purchased and are now sitting in iCloud.

MacIssues is intended to be a community effort and I welcome contributions from readers, Continue reading