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Apple Watches are here to stay. What some said would soon die out as a fad has continued to be honed and developed based on customer desire, and now many years and many generations down the line, more than 100 million people globally wear one.

But what are the differences between them? To a beginner, this can be extremely overwhelming. That’s why I’m here to help you determine the differences between the styles and generations of Apple watch on the market.

How many generations of Apple Watch are there?

There have been nine generations of the Apple Watch, starting with the original Apple Watch released in April 2015.

Here’s a brief overview of the generations:

  1. Apple Watch (1st generation): Released in April 2015.
  2. Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2: Released in September 2016. Series 2 introduced GPS and water resistance.
  3. Apple Watch Series 3: Released in September 2017, featuring cellular connectivity.
  4. Apple Watch Series 4: Released in September 2018, with a larger display and ECG capability.
  5. Apple Watch Series 5: Released in September 2019, introduced an always-on display.
  6. Apple Watch Series 6: Released in September 2020, added blood oxygen monitoring.
  7. Apple Watch Series 7: Released in October 2021, with a larger, more durable display.
  8. Apple Watch Series 8: Released in September 2022, likely with new features and improvements.
  9. Apple Watch Series 9: Released in September 2023, this was the first Apple Watch to be completely carbon neutral. Apple’s goal is to be fully carbon neutral by 2030.

Each generation has brought new features and refinements, keeping the Apple Watch at the forefront of the smartwatch market.

There have also been two generations of the Apple Watch SE:

  1. Apple Watch SE (1st generation): Released in September 2020. This model was introduced as a more affordable alternative to the mainline Apple Watch, offering many key features at a lower price point.
  2. Apple Watch SE (2nd generation): Released in September 2022. This updated version of the SE model likely included improvements and additional features over the first generation, while still maintaining its position as a budget-friendly option in the Apple Watch lineup.

The Apple Watch SE models have been well-received for offering a balance of essential functionalities and affordability, making the technology accessible to a broader audience.

They have also released the Apple Watch Ultra, of which there are currently two generations.

  • Apple Watch Ultra: Released in September 2022. This model marked Apple’s entry into a more rugged and feature-rich smartwatch segment. It was designed with enhanced durability and advanced features catering to outdoor and extreme sports enthusiasts.
  • Apple Watch Ultra 2: The most advanced Apple Watch currently available, with a 3000 nit display, thirty six hour charge and 40m deep dive proof body.

The Apple Watch Ultra stands apart from the standard Apple Watch series by offering a larger, more robust design, longer battery life, and specialized functions for activities like diving and hiking.


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