Apple issues fix for password autofill bug in Safari

Apple has released three updated versions of its Safari Web browser, which commonly address an issue where saved passwords would not be automatically into relevant password fields as expected. In addition to fixing how passwords are managed, the updates include fixes for iCloud Drive syncing in Yosemite, and otherwise include general stability and performance improvements, according to the updates’ descriptions.

The updates are about 60MB in size, and will bring Safari to versions 8.0.1, 7.1.1, and 6.2.1, and will require OS X 10.10, 10.9.5, and 10.8.5 respectively. To install these updates, you can choose Software Update in the Apple menu, or if you are using Yosemite, choose “About This Mac” and then click the Software Update button. Alternatively you can wait for your Mac to automatically detect and prompt you to install the updates.

These updates will not require a restart to install, but Safari will need to quit and relaunch in order fro the changes to be applied.

As always, be sure you have your Mac fully backed up before applying these and any other updates for your system.

UPDATE: Apple has pulled these updates for now, but they should soon be re-released. There is no given reason for them being pulled, but this is usually from some unexpected bug in the update. If you have applied these updates, then be aware of potential problems with them, and be sure to apply the re-released updates as soon as they are available.


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