This Web site is MacIssues.com, a troubleshooting and how-to resource for Apple Macintosh hardware and software, as well as iOS devices (when I can).

I created MacIssues.com following the closure of the long-standing MacFixIt blog by CNET.

This site’s focus is on regular troubleshooting articles for how to fix your Mac, customize and tweak your system, and use it to best serve your needs. I’m hoping to target all users, so I write on basic details of the OS X interface, and also delve into to more complex uses of OS X, the Terminal, and OS underpinnings.

I am hoping this site becomes a collective effort of the community, so while regular content will be posted, user suggestions, tips, hints, and fixes are welcomed.

The Author

My name is Topher Kessler, and I have been been an avid Mac user since about 1991 when I purchased my first Mac: a PowerBook 150. I have loved the Mac ever since, and have had the privilege of being the primary contributing author to the CNET-owned MacFixIt troubleshooting and how-to blog between spring 2008 and March 2012. Through my years of using the Mac OS, I have gained some experience in configuring, networking, and using Mac systems, and have done so at home as well as in corporate and research environments.

While my efforts at CNET and MacFixIt have ceased, I am working regularly on this site, and am also a contributing author for MacWorld.

If you’re interested, you can find My MacWorld content here. You can also browse my past CNET articles here. I also have a personal Web site containing information about my work and projects.



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  1. thatguybri

    Hello Mr. Kessler

    I was wondering if you could assist me. I recently followed one o ur posts regarding changing fonts on my iMac and every since trying, I have been in a gray screen loop with only safe mode working. Can you assist?

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  5. Ted

    Thank you for all the information you provided for the MAC, I wonder if you have any solution to the problem when I play Asphalt 8 game on my iOS device, it starts lagging, I tried other games but this is the only game that hangs in my phone and runs in other phones perfectly.


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