MacIssues: Who We Are

This website is MacIssues.com; a troubleshooting and how-to resource for Apple Mac hardware and software, as well as iOS devices.

This site’s focus is on regular troubleshooting articles for how to fix your Mac, customize and tweak your system, and use it to best serve your needs.

We’re hoping to target all users, so we write on basic details of the MacOS interface, and also delve into to more complex uses of OS, terminal, and OS underpinnings.

Technology is integral to our day-to-day life, so its our job to make things that little bit easier by helping you ensure your Apple devices are running as intended.

Whether you’re looking to fix your Macbook, tweak your iPhone or check out newly released products, we’re here to help you along the way.


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Senior Writer & Editor

As senior writer here at MacIssues.com, it’s my job to troubleshoot common errors users face with their Macbook.

Through my years of using the Mac OS, I’vd gained some experience in configuring, networking, and especially using Mac systems.

Hopefully, with this experience, I can help you make the most of your Macbook too.