Apple to replace MacBook displays with peeling anti-reflective coatings

MacBookProIconXApple’s Retina MacBook Pros have a glass-covered display that has a coating of anti-reflective material to combat glare. However, some users have found that after a while this coating may separate, causing unsightly splotches that are most apparent when viewing darker content in bright lighting situations. If you are noticing these problems with your MacBook, then you may be in luck, as Apple has started a program to offer free replacements for the devices.

The problem was initially found and dubbed “Staingate” as affected users began compiling images of affected systems. This spurred a petition on, which according to MacRumors, has spurred Apple to issue internal communications and develop a new Quality Program to address the problem.

As with most defect warranty programs, this one covers systems up to three years from the date of purchase, or one year from the start of the replacement program (whichever is longer). The program started on the 16th of this month, which means you have the full three-year coverage provided by Apple’s extended AppleCare service (applicable to this problem only), or until October 16, 2016.

Affected users should take their systems in to an Apple Store to have them assessed for potential damage. Unfortunately the problem is not necessarily black and white, as in some cases damage may only look like a small and negligible amount of speckling, whereas in other cases it may be a noticeable stain. This means that some people may initially be denied service based on an Apple employee’s assessments; however, as with past replacement programs, you may be able to argue your point or take your system in to another Apple Store to find success.

Coating separation on a MacBook Pro

By reflecting the sky or another bright light on a MacBook’s display, you can see whether or not discolored patches show up, indicating anti-reflective coating separation.

4 thoughts on “Apple to replace MacBook displays with peeling anti-reflective coatings

  1. MaX

    Apple should switch to matte displays for ALL devices (Mac and iOS). At least as an option. End of problem.

    1. System7Forever

      Nope…matte displays always look “fuzzy” and dull. Never had a problem with my 13″ mid-2009 or my 15″ mid-2012 MBP, nor the 27″ display. Will take them ANY day over any of the dull “matte” screened Macs I’ve had in the past.

      1. MaX

        Wrong. you cannot see reflective screens. I have used dozens of matte displays for many years and they all look great. But in any case, I said AT LEAST AS AN OPTION. Choice is good.

      2. MaX

        How to edit a previous message? Meanwhile… check out MacMatte to get the facts:

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