Split View not working in El Capitan? Its an easy fix.

ElCapitanExposeIconXOne of El Capitan’s new features is Split View, which similar to features introduced in Windows 7 allows you to quickly set an app to full screen in half your display’s viewing area. With this approach, you can utilize maximal screen real estate to quickly work on two separate windows from different apps. This mode should be easy to access, but after installing El Capitan you may find Split View will not work.

By default, you should be able to click and hold the green “fullscreen” button on most application windows and documents, and when the blue hue overlays the screen, you can drag either to the left or right to place the app along the desired side of the screen. You can then select another app to appear on the opposite side, and then get to work.

You can also do this by setting an document or program to full-screen, and then entering Expose view where you can drag another window to the left or right of the current full-screen app’s desktop.

Both of these approaches should be doable on any system running El Capitan; however, if they are not working, then it is very likely you had previously used your Mac in a multi-monitor environment, and subsequently adjusted the setting for each display to have its own desktop space (done in the Mission Control system preferences).

Having separate spaces for multiple displays is the default screen-handling approach for OS X Yosemite, and is required for using Split View. Therefore, simply check this option, followed by logging out and back into your account, and you should see Split View work as expected.

Displays with separate spaces option in Mission Control

Ensure this option is checked in the Mission Control system preferences, in order to use Split View in El Capitan

7 thoughts on “Split View not working in El Capitan? Its an easy fix.

  1. hydrovacing

    I have noticed that Split View works better in some apps better than it works in others. It doesn’t work in Safari at all.

    1. Topher Kessler Post author

      You should be able to…make one document full screen, then press command-n to create a new document. This one should also go full screen automatically. Now enter expose view and drag one of the pages documents onto the other…it should work, at least with pages 5.5.3 (the latest version)

  2. BlackMacX

    Split view isn’t working for me, after enabling the noted setting in Mission Control and logging out. Even rebooted and have waited for days. My other users on the Mac mini (Late 2014) have it now; but my own account doesn’t work. I may have to trash the preference file; but which one?

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