Fix the News app missing from iOS 9 after upgrading

AppleNewsIconOne of the new features of iOS 9 is Apple’s News app, which offers a new way to subscribe to sources and interact with the latest headlines. The app is a replacement for Newsstand, and instead of featuring individual subscriptions to news sources, offers collections of them in groups based on categories like Politics, Science, Finance, and others. You may be eager to try this new option, but after upgrading, many people are finding this app missing from their home screens.

The issue here appears to be some bug or perhaps a restriction based on region, where if you have your iPhone or iPad set to a region other than the United States, the app will not initially show up. This may be purposeful so Apple can offer improvements to the app for international uses at later points, but could also be an oversight in the initial iOS 9 release. Regardless, you can get the app running on your iOS device, by simply changing your region:

  1. Go to Settings > Language and Region
  2. Choose United States
  3. Confirm the settings change

After this change, iOS should show a black screen and indicate it is changing your region. When done, you can check for the presence of the News app on your home screen. If it is still missing, then restart your iPhone or iPad by holding the power button until you see the power slider, and then slide this to confirm you wish to shut down your iDevice. After your screen goes completely black, press and hold your power button to start it again, and then check for the presence of the News app.

This procedure should reveal the app on your system, but you should not have to keep the United States as your region. Once the app is present, open it and set it up according to your wishes, and then repeat the above steps to change your region back to your preferred country. This should keep the app on your home screen.

18 thoughts on “Fix the News app missing from iOS 9 after upgrading

  1. ympnow

    Tried it. Didn’t work at all. Stallion News app. Apple is really becoming a hoody company what with Music, Photos and now the botching of News app. Trivial? Maybe. But a disturbing pattern is forming.

  2. gkc

    For me, it’s in… Settings > General > Language and Region
    and News disappears as soon I change back to Australia. No restart required. I liked it for 5 minutes before it disappeared.

  3. Mike Jaega

    Did this and it popped up and I set it up, worked great too and looked promising!… But disappeared once I switched back to UK region :/

  4. saunamics

    Apple will soon update this, if you followed the keynote , they mentioned that they will firstly launch the news app for US customers then they will launch updates so that the NEWS app gets to all regions. So, its not a bug or something, just need to wait for apple to give an update.


  5. Maria

    I have change the region to unated stuted and i restart my iphone 6+ and it works appel you are best for me i love apple

  6. Gordon

    In my case it was working when you set to US then reset to UK. However, now it disappears again once it’s set back to UK. Annoying, as the app looks good. It’s hardly fair that apple US customers get preferential treatment over the rest of the world

  7. gkc

    News app now working in Australia since 10.11.1. Negotiations done I suppose. Available elsewhere?
    The other two apps I use for news scrolled horizontally, News scrolls vertically, will take me a while to get used to that.

  8. Judith Martinez

    I live in US and can’t get News app. Region is set to US. Tried downloading from App Store but I get a message that safari can’t open the page.

  9. Akennedy

    Actually, I did this and it still doesn’t show up. I have always been set to US and US English, so I reset to UK and then back to US and it still doesn’t show up. However, searchlight still shows it to be there.

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