Apple recalling some Apple TVs

AppleTVIconXIf you recently purchased an AppleTV, then its possible you may receive an e-mail from Apple requesting you ship the system back to Apple for a replacement. For unknown reasons besides mention of a faulty component, Apple has initiated the recall, and is offering affected users an iTunes gift card for the inconvenience.

Generally when recalls happen, Apple posts a support article describing the issue, how one might identify an affected system, and then have you take steps to return the system for repair or replacement; however, this current issue may affect so few devices that Apple has chosen to contact buyers individually, instead of taking larger steps.

This also might be a move by Apple to identify the extent of a potential fault, where known affected systems are being recalled, and if the problem is deemed to be larger, then further recall steps may be taken.

If you receive one of these e-mails, then do consider taking action to send your system in for replacement. While the system may currently work fine, if a component is functioning outside of its tolerance then it may fail and cause problems either with the AppleTV or with connected components. This may also help Apple’s investigation of the problem, and an iTunes gift card will very likely be worth the trouble. Replacement systems should arrive overnight.

via MacRumors

One thought on “Apple recalling some Apple TVs

  1. Strod

    According to MacRumors, Apple is actually contacting the owners of the affected devices to verify that they have it. Once that is confirmed, they are sending them the replacement along with instructions on how to send the recalled Apple TV back. That’s in addition to the gift card “for their troubles”.

    That is beyond classy.

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