Feeling burnt by MacKeeper? Claim a refund

MacKeeperIconXIf you have purchased the MacKeeper utility suite for your Mac and are finding it does not perform its functions as advertised, then you can now make a claim for a refund of your purchase.

MacKeeper has developed a reputation as one of the more notorious software packages for OS X, which offers tools for repairing, cleaning, and securing Mac OS systems. While not dissimilar to other cleaning utilities, MacKeeper’s developer, ZeoBit, has resorted to fairly aggressive and sometimes deceptive marketing tactics that in part have given the software a bad standing in corners of the Mac community.

In May 2014, a class action lawsuit against Zeobit was filed, accusing the company of deceptive schemes to trick consumers into purchasing MacKeeper, which ultimately and intentionally fails to deliver on Zeobit’s promises. As many in the Mac community have witnessed, ads for MacKeeper often include warnings about grave danger to one’s computer and personal data, and that the only option is to install MacKeeper and enable its services. The lawsuit claims these warnings are completely fabricated, and those who followed the warnings’ instructions and installed MacKeeper are entitled to a refund.

The lawsuit was recently settled for $2 million, intended to go to the 513,000 potentially affected users who installed MacKeeper on or before July 8, 2015. Those making a claim may receive up to $40 in full refund if filed by November 30, 2015. If you feel you or someone you know is entitled to a refund, then you can access the settlement’s Web page and use the links to file a claim online or download a claim form. The page also contains information on the options you have in pursuing a claim.

While the intent of the lawsuit is to refund the full purchase price for affected users, the true payout may depend on how many claims are received. If you are interested in uninstalling MacKeeper from your system, then I recommend you follow the steps I outlined in a prior article on removing MacKeeper from your Mac.

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    your sure the site is legitimate? There is a risk it could just be some dodgy site set up to collect information about people.

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