MacBook Pro firmware update addresses flash storage data corruption

FirmwareUpdateIconXApple has released a Flash Storage firmware update for its latest mid-2015 MacBook Pro systems, which addresses a rare bug with the hard drives on these systems that could lead to data corruption.

The update should be available through Apple’s Software Update service on relevant systems, so if you have one of these models then be sure to go to the Apple menu > About This Mac, and then click the Software Update button to check for the updater. Alternatively, you can download the updater and apply it manually from Apple’s support Web site.

The update applies specifically to Macs with board IDs “Mac-06F11FD93F0323C5” and “Mac-06F11F11946D27C5”, which This can be checked on your Mac by opening the OS X Terminal and running the following command (copy and paste the following into the Terminal, and then press Enter to run it):

ioreg -lp IOService | grep board-id

This update does affect your Mac’s storage systems, so do be sure to fully back up your Mac using Time Machine before applying this update. Being a firmware update, you should expect your system to restart, and then it may restart again automatically once the update has been applied.

3 thoughts on “MacBook Pro firmware update addresses flash storage data corruption

  1. Alan Kotik

    Wondering why you refer to the storage as a “hard drive” in the opening sentence.

    1. Ken Collins

      They probably call the storage a “hard drive” because Apple still labels it “Macintosh HD.” I recommend changing the name of the drive to “Macintosh”—but give the boot drives on all your Macs the same name.

      1. B. Jefferson Le Blanc

        Why not change the boot drive name from Macintosh HD to Macintosh SSD, where appropriate. It’s equally descriptive and precise. Apple probably didn’t make the change because they thought it would be confusing. But if you know the difference between an HDD and an SSD, then you can make the change yourself if you like.

        For the Fusion Drive in my 27″ iMac there is no comparably convenient abbreviation so I named my internal drive iMac HD – and pasted on an iMac icon. 🙂

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