Apple Updates AppleCare+ for Apple Watch: Covering greater charge ranges

AppleWatchApple has updated its AppleCare+ protection plan for the Apple Watch, claiming it will replace batteries free of charge if they do not hold at least 80% of its original charge level. This changes from the original AppleCare+ plan that only addressed batteries that would not hold 50% of their original charge.

The watch is designed to maintain an 80% charge capacity through its supported 1000 charge cycles, and given that each charge should last for about a day of use, this means it should last approximately 2.5 to 3 years before needing to be replaced. However, unlike other devices, the Apple Watch battery is built to be replaceable with servicing. This will cost $79 and potentially an additional small shipping fee if your Apple Watch is not covered by AppleCare.

The AppleCare+ plan for the Apple Watch extends warranty coverage for another year. By default, the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport have one year of included technical support, along with 90 days of phone support. The Apple Watch Edition includes two years of both support options. With AppleCare+, both support options are extended to two years for the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport, and to three years for Apple Watch Edition.

If you are interested in AppleCare coverage for your Apple Watch, it will cost $49, $59, and $1500 for the Sport, Standard, and Edition versions, respectively. This does not cover accidental damage, which is a separate $69, $79, and $1000 fee for each respective version of the watch. In addition, Apple offers bundled coverage for iPhones purchased with the Apple Watch, for $149, $169, and $1600 for the Sport, Standard, and Edition versions paired with an iPhone.