Tackle Pro Video Formats 2.0.1 always appearing in Software Update

PackageIconXIf you use your Mac for professional video editing with Final Cut Pro X, Motion, or Compressor software, then you may have been presented with the recent Pro Video Formats 2.0.1 software update to give you the latest compatibility with various codecs you may use to import and export video. However, as can be the case with updates at times, even though you download and install it, your Mac may repeatedly display this update as being available, despite having installed it.

There are several steps you can take to tackle this problem if it arises:

1. Download the standalone installer

Apple provides many software updates as standalone installers. You can get the Pro Video Formats update from here, to bypass the Mac App Store and Apple’s Software Update services when installing, and hopefully have a successful update. Download the update file, open the Disk Image, and then open the package file on it to attempt an installation using Apple’s installer.

2. Temporarily clear QuickTime components

Various QuickTime components are stored in the /Library/QuickTime folder, so try removing the contents of this folder, then applying the latest update, followed by copying the items back to this folder without replacing any items in it.

3. Use Pacifist to install the update

Apple’s Installer application is not the only one that can manage the contents of an update. If an update is available as a package file, then third-party installers and package managers can also be used. One popular package manager is called Pacifist, which can be downloaded from the CharlesSoft Web site. First download the Pro Video Formats update, then open Pacifist and wait to bypass the registration request (and consider purchasing, though this is not necessary to use the program). Then click the option to open the update package, which should display its content structure in Pacifist. You can now click the Install button in the window’s toolbar—be sure to install the package using administrative privileges.

Pacifist window in OS X

Once opened in Pacifist, click this button in the window’s toolbar to install the update.

6 thoughts on “Tackle Pro Video Formats 2.0.1 always appearing in Software Update

  1. extra88

    I tried #1 and #2, they didn’t work. I saw even after installing 2.0.1 the last modified date on AppleMXFImport.component was still November 13, 2014 so I put it in the Trash, re-ran the update which replaced that component with one dated like the rest, March 13, 2015 (there were a couple of other components in the QuickTime/ folder but they weren’t a part of the Pro Video formats, like AppleMPEG2Codec). I think #2 didn’t work because when I installed the update with an empty QuickTime/ folder, AppleMXFImport wasn’t installed, so when I put AppleMXFImport back, the update checker saw I had the wrong one and offered 2.0.1 again. It seems the update doesn’t install that component unless another Pro Format component (or components) are already installed.

    I don’t know why the updater had been failing to overwrite the older AppleMXFImport, I don’t think the problem was permissions, I had previously run ‘sudo chown -R root:admin *.component.’

    1. extra88

      Gah, it showed up in Software Updates again! I thought to look for other things it’s supposed to replace, but didn’t and found /Library/Application\ Support/Apple\ Qmaster/AppleMXFExport.bundle and /Library/Application\ Support/Final\ Cut\ Pro\ System\ Support/Plugins/AppleMXFExportFCP.bundle (both also last modified November 13, 2014). Moving them then running the downloaded 2.0.1 installer put a March 14, 2015 bundle in their place.

  2. Sefanzed

    I think apple has revised the update again today (4-30). This is after I applied the fix referenced here successfully several days previously. I was surprised to see it turn up again in the app store. On a whim,I updated again (3rd time) and the problem has apparently gone away.

  3. alvarnell

    I can confirm that Apple reposted the update (actually it was yesterday 4-29) and even though it’s the same version 2.0.1, they modified either the catalog info or something with the installer so that it properly updates for all users I’ve contacted now.

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