New demo videos reveal a touch more about the Apple Watch

AppleWatchWhen considering whether or not to purchase anything, it helps to see it in action, and that seems to be the major buzz revolving around the Apple Watch these days: Who can get their hands on one, and what does it look like? To help satisfy this curiosity and show all of the nuances for how the Apple Watch is setup and used, Apple has released a set of short guided tours to show what you can do with it, that both confirm and enhance our current understanding of the device.

Currently Apple has four videos available that cover the basics of how to use the hardware, along with messaging, using and configuring various watch faces, and the new Digital Touch messaging feature that Apple is quite proud of.

Unfortunately the current videos do not cover much that we have not already seen. Apple does delve into some features such as Glances, swiping to access notification center, and some uses of Force Touch, but with such a simple interface, the basics of these have essentially been covered by Apple’s current ads and presentations. However, the page claims about seven more videos are coming soon which will cover everything from using Siri, to setting up Apple Pay and making phone calls, along with using Maps and the Activity health and fitness app. These may be more revealing into how some of these features work, but we will wait and see.

With these videos, you should have a good view of what the Apple Watch will be able to do, but unfortunately, we do not see much on what will be required to maintain the Apple Watch, battery care and life expectancy under various conditions, and how it will interact with any devices other than an iPhone. This is why despite these videos, we likely will learn the so-called truth of how the watch works when full third-party reviews and breakdowns of the watch become available.

However, ultimately no video, discussion, set of pictures, or teardown will beat a hands-on look at the watch. While Apple’s videos show it working perfectly and fluidly, you might find your touch needing to be adjusted a little from what you see, just how Apple’s touch keyboard for iOS works well for some people and not so well for others. Therefore, despite these videos and their additional look at the Apple Watch, your best bet by far will still be to go try it out in person when it is available.