5 thoughts on “Fix double login prompts on your Mac

  1. Strod

    Two comments: First, it is always a good idea to have an alternate admin account configured on your system. That way, if you muck your user’s account to the point where you can no longer log into it, you can still log into the alternate admin and try to fix things from there.

    Better yet, create the second admin and then demote your regular account. That will limit the damage that can be done either by an accident or by malware; only the files that you can modify without further authentication can be affected. (In most cases whenever you need administrative privileges you are given a chance to enter both the name and password of an administrator, so you will need to log into the admin account very rarely and the impact on your daily routine is minimal).

    Second: The users authorized to decrypt the FileVault volume don’t have to be administrators, nor do all Administrators necessarily have to be authorized to decrypt. You can add users to the list of authorized people in System Folders > Security & Privacy > FileVault > Enable Users…, but to remove them from the list you need to use the very powerful fdesetup command. You can find more info on that command in this old article by Topher from when CNET was useful (with extra info in the comments).

    Note that removing and adding back the user via fdesetup may be enough to solve the double-login issue central to this article.

  2. Ej Schenck

    So I did both solutions and still have two login screens. It’s worth noting that this all happened after I installed the SAASPASS connector for automatic login (and subsequently uninstalled it…)

    Any other steps you could recommend?

  3. Bret

    After setting up my laptop with a misspelled username, I created a new user and deleted the old one, but I still had to log in first to the old, wrong name after reboot. Since I had already deleted the old username, I tried the second approach which resolved the issue. Thanks!

  4. Dave

    Thank you. Very helpful for me! I removed the original user that had created the disk, adding a new admin user, so I had to use the second method.

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