The Apple Watch edition differences in a nutshell

AppleWatchEver since Apple’s initial announcement about the Apple Watch, we have known it will be a $350+ extension for the iPhone; however, in this latest update, Apple has outlined some finer details, giving us pricing and options for the new device. The Apple Watch will be made available for pre-order on April 9, and then ship on April 24, so until then and provided you have considered the relevance of the Apple Watch for your lifestyle, you have only a few durability options to consider for your money.

Apple Watch Sport: It will scratch, but will be light and cheap(er)

This $349-$399 version of the watch will scratch with use, and its crystal may be susceptible to cracking. Unlike the standard Apple Watch, this edition’s Ion-X glass is in essence strengthened glass, which may have some structural benefits; however, it is still borosilicate glass that will crack if smacked in the right way, so be careful. Given that this is intended for high activity, this edition would benefit from the option of a sapphire crystal; however, Apple has not offered this yet.

The case of the Sport being aluminum will ding and scratch. Apple has claimed its special alloys and coatings help protect the watch, but in comparison to the other variants of the watch, if this one takes abuse it will eventually show.

Apple Watch: It won’t scratch as easily, and offers more styles

The next step up is to get a steel case, with a sapphire glass crystal. The rest of the watch is technically the same as the Sport version, so if you are just into the technical details of the watch, then this will only offer better protection and a shinier look. Coupled with its looks, this version comes with special band options that can take the price up past $1000, so the costs here are only for the look of the thing.

The main benefit for this watch is its crystal being less prone to scratching and cracking, and its case being a tougher material that will likewise be less prone to denting. Beyond this, you have the aesthetics of more band options.

Apple Watch Edition: The Apple Watch, but way more expensive

If you like gold, then this version of Apple Watch is yours, for the price of about a third to half of what you paid for your new car. At $10,000, the cost here is all in the gold, as in all other respects this edition is no different than the standard Apple Watch.

Gold is a softer metal, so as with the aluminum version, this one may scratch and dent with abuse; however, at its price you might find yourself being extra careful, or perhaps simply being able to purchase a new one without qualms.

Universal Options

For all versions of the Watch, it the bands are fully interchangeable, so you should be able to get a Sport version and use the fancier bands offered for the standard Apple Watch, and vice versa. Apple should also be offering them as separate purchases. Each watch version also comes in a small (38mm) and large (42mm) size, so before purchasing one you might consider stopping by an Apple Store to check it out and see what fits your uses better. In all cases, the larger version will start $50 more than the smaller one.

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      Then please explain why all the Swiss watch manufacturers are falling all over themselves to produce a competing product. Explain why TAG Heuer is teaming with IBM and Google to get on the bandwagon. Explain why Samsung is already making the same noises. Once again Apple moves to where the market will be and others hastily follow lest they be left holding the bag.

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