Apple discontinuing support for AOL screen names on March 31

AppleLogoXRedIf you use an AOL username for purchases with the iTunes Store, App Store, or iBooks Store, then consider heeding warning messages in these apps for changing your login over to an Apple ID, as Apple will soon discontinue support for AOL accounts for its online services. Starting on March 31, 2015, Apple will no longer support the use of AOL Screen Names for these services, so you will not be able to log in and access content purchased under these usernames.

According to an Apple support document that outlines the matter, only screen names that have been converted before March 31 will be supported, so this means that if you have an AOL account saved in your apps and use it for your Store account, then you will not be able to log in on March 31, and will also not be able to convert your account to an Apple ID for use with the store; you must have your account converted to an Apple ID before this date.

Apple is making this process simple, by instructing AOL account users on how to convert their accounts when they log in to the App Store and iTunes store, but if you have been dismissing these warnings then you might consider taking the time to complete the conversion, or risk getting locked out of your account.

Note that this conversion will only maintain your link to Apple’s services using a new Apple ID, and then discontinue the use of the AOL screen name with your Apple services. It will not affect how you access AOL services at all. When finished, your new Apple ID can be used for all of Apple’s services, and not just the stores you use for purchasing content.