iWork for iCloud and Apple IDs now available for Linux and Windows

iCloudIconXIf you are a fan of Apple’s iWork productivity suite, then you will now be able to create an Apple ID and use the suite via Apple’s iCloud Web apps when logged in from any Web browser, on any operating system, instead of being limited to a Mac.

Apple’s iWork for iCloud was announced at the 2013 World Wide Developer Conference, as a productivity expansion for Apple’s popular iWork desktop suite, and joined other options like Google Docs as a way to create content online, share and collaborate, and then be able to access the content from anywhere.

While offering this convenience, iWork for iCloud was limited in that you could only create an account to access it if you owned an Apple device. Once your account was created, you could then log in from any platform; however, you had to initiate the process from a Mac or iOS device.

As part of its beta program, Apple has announced that iWork for iCloud can be accessed from any platform, regardless of whether or not you own an Apple device. To do this, you need to access beta.icloud.com, and then click the link at the top of the page to create an Apple ID and get started using iCloud.

iWork for iCloud on all platforms

The iCloud beta site currently has a banner across the top, claiming that its iWork apps are available on all platforms.

Note that even though this is through Apple’s iCloud service, there are some limitations for cross-platform use. Unless you have a Mac synced with your Apple ID, then you will not be able to access apps like Find My iPhone, iCloud Drive, and Calendar. There is currently no indication from Apple on whether or not these will also be made cross-platform in the future. However, given that iWork for iCloud uses iCloud Drive, and can tap into services like Contacts, there is strong indication that these services may also be blended into Apple’s cross-platform offerings and be available when signing in with Internet Explorer.