Apple issues 10.10.2 update and security updates

SoftwareUpdateIconXApple has released the awaited 10.10.2 update for OS X Yosemite, bringing a number of fixes for outstanding stability bugs and security issues, including some long-standing problems with Thunderbolt (aka “Thunderstrike”) that could allow an attacker with physical access to a machine the ability to overtake the system’s through a firmware hack.

The update also fixes a security problem with Spotlight where remote email content would be loaded when this setting was disabled, a problem that could allow hackers to track your activity.

In addition to these flaws, the update addresses a number of other issues:

  • Resolves an issue that may cause Wi-Fi to disconnect
  • Resolves and issue that may cause Web pages to load slowly
  • Improves audio and video sync when using Bluetooth headphones
  • Adds the ability to browse iCloud Drive in Time Machine
  • Improves VoiceOver speech performance
  • Resolves and issue that causes VoiceOver to echo characters when entering text on a Web page
  • Addresses an issue that may cause the input method to switch languages unexpectedly
  • Improves stability and security in Safari

For enterprise customers, this update addresses the following issues:

  • Improves performance for browsing DFS shares in the Finder
  • Fixes an issue where certain Calendar invitations could be displayed at the incorrect time
  • Fixes an issue for Microsoft Exchange accounts where the organizer of a meeting might not be notified when someone accepts an invitation using Calendar
  • Addresses an issue where Safari could continually prompt for credentials when accessing a site protected by NTLM authentication
  • Adds the ability to set “Out of Office” reply dates for Microsoft Exchange accounts in Mail

To install this update, first be sure you have your Mac fully backed up with Time Machine or a system cloning tool, so you will have a restorable backup incase something goes awry. Then go to the App Store in the Apple menu, and go to the updates section in the store, where you will see the update available. In addition, you can download the standalone updaters from Apple’s support Web site:

  • OS X 10.10.2 Update (delta — will only update from 10.10.1)
  • OS X 10.10.2 Combo Update (will update from any prior version of 10.10)

In addition to the OS X update, Apple has issued a pair of security updates for OS X Mountain Lion and OS X Mavericks, which fix a number of the outstanding security issues that were also addressed in the Yosemite update; however, Apple so far has not detailed these in full.

If you have been waiting to upgrade your Mac to OS X Yosemite, at this point you might consider doing so. Generally by the time the second update is out for a version of OS X, Apple has addressed the major bugs that people are experiencing, so it may be a good time to consider the upgrade.

8 thoughts on “Apple issues 10.10.2 update and security updates

    1. Topher Kessler Post author

      Unknown as of yet; however, if you are experiencing these problems then I’d suggest you backup, and then apply the update to see if it fixes or at least helps the issue.

  1. alvarnell

    I am unable to install the currently posted OS X 10.10.2 Combo Update with my setup and I’m seeing several others are having the same problem. Apple is aware and looking into the problem.

    1. B. Jefferson Le Blanc

      As it happens, Apple released another buggy update. They quickly replaced it with a new version – note, the new version has caps in the title, whereas the bad one did not. Download the new one and give it a try.

  2. DavidBy

    As of 1:55pm on Wed 28 Jan 2015 (Bangkok Thailand) there is no 10.10.2 updaters, Delta or Combo, available on the Apple Downloads page and the 2 links in this article load blank pages for me.

  3. NYMike

    WindowServer bug seems to have been addressed. I’m not seeing spinning color wheels since updating.

  4. doug eddy

    I updated and now the repair volume has disappeared. I restart, hold down the option key and the only choice is the main disk. Love it. Naw!! I truly is a downgrade.

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