Prevent iPads and Macs from picking up your iPhone calls

FaceTimeIconXIn the latest versions of iOS and OS X, Apple implemented a few ways to share content and services between your devices, so you can quickly pick up on one where you left off on another. One of these features is the ability to answer and make cell phone on your Mac that you receive on your iPhone, provided the phone and your other devices are on the same network. Even though this has its conveniences, there are times when this can be somewhat annoying, where when you receive a call you will find all of your devices lighting up and making alert noises.

To prevent this from happening, you have several options, some of which might be more convenient or practical than others:

Mute your devices

The first option is to simply mute your devices, which should prevent them from sounding any alerts when you receive a call, and can usually be done with a single button press. Another approach here is to perhaps keep your devices off if you are not using them, which for iPads is relatively easy to do, and even for Macs can be more easily done with Apple’s Autosave and Resume features that help preserve your workflow.

Turn off Wi-Fi

Since taking iPhone calls on your other devices requires you have these devices on the same network as your iPhone, an easy solution is to simply turn off your iPhone’s Wi-Fi radio, especially if you have an unlimited data plan that you can use for most of your iPhone’s data needs. This option is perhaps the most convenient of all, since you can just swipe up on your phone to access the Control Center, and tap to disable Wi-Fi.

Turn off iPhone Cellular Calls on your iPhone

If you rarely use this feature and prefer to take your phone calls on your phone itself, then you can disable this feature by going to Settings > FaceTime, and then tapping the option to turn off iPhone Cellular Calls. This will allow you to still use Wi-Fi on your phone, while preventing the forwarding of calls to other devices.

iPhone Cellular Calls settings

Tap this option on your iPhone to turn off its forwarding cellular calls to other devices.

Turn off iPhone Cellular Calls on your Mac or iPad

If you would prefer to only disable iPhone Cellular on one device, but still receive them on another, then you can do so on a per-device basis in the FaceTime settings for that device. On an iPad, this can be done in the same Settings > FaceTime location as is done on an iPhone, and for OS X systems, simply open the FaceTime program, and then go to its Preferences (in the FaceTime menu). In here, you should see an iPhone Cellular Calls option that you can uncheck, to prevent your Mac from receiving your phone calls.

iPhone Cellular Calls settings in FaceTime

Uncheck this option to disable the receiving of cellular calls on your Mac.