To all MacIssues readers: Thank You!

TopherSmallAs we pull into 2015, I would like to take a quick moment to thank all of the MacIssues readers and regular visitors who have helped build this site in the past year. By visiting and sharing MacIssues with friends and colleagues, this site has grown and developed a solid flow of readers, many who I have had the fortune of interacting with, either by helping with computer problems, receiving requests and advice, or otherwise.

MacIssues started in March 2014, after the long-standing tech and troubleshooting blog “MacFixIt” was shut down by its parent company CNET. I had been an author on MacFixIt for about six years when CNET moved away from the blog’s core content, and in doing so, unfortunately left a wide community of Mac users without one of the longest standing Mac-related sites.

With this in mind, I created MacIssues and was blessed to have a number of you reach out to help spread the word, and contribute to develop a similar environment to what had been MacFixIt.

While this has been successful, things are not settling down. MacIssues is run solely by me, but my hope from its inception has been to have everyone included, so along with my regular articles, if you have any feedback, requests, or criticism, please do not hesitate to use the contact form on the right-hand sidebar to send me a quick note about what you have in mind. In addition, I welcome everyone to visit and participate in the MacIssues forum and offer your feedback in the comments for each article that is posted.

I do my best to read and respond to every email that I receive, so if you have an article, idea for one, a how-to tip, or a fix for a problem with using your Mac, iPhone, iPad, or any related device, then send them in and we can get them posted.

Over this past year, readers have shared many articles on this site. Here are some of the top articles of this past year. I would like to thank everyone for spreading the word about them:

In addition, many people have kept the conversation going in the comments of these articles. I would especially like to thank the top five commenters of 2014:

  • B. Jefferson Le Blanc
  • Max
  • Strod
  • darkdreamer4u
  • xAirbusdriver

Finally, I would like to again reiterate a special thanks to everyone for making this place what it is. Whether this is your first time here, or whether you are a long-time reader, I am grateful to you for stopping by, contributing, and sharing MacIssues with your friends and colleagues.

-Topher Kessler

16 thoughts on “To all MacIssues readers: Thank You!

  1. Shirley Allan

    You have been a big help over the years after I found you again.

    Have you ever heard of icloudhelper.xpc? I have a friend who downloaded it and it has locked up his computer and they want $$ to unlock it.

  2. Strod

    Topher, I’m sure those of us replying here are far from the only ones that are grateful to YOU for all the work you’ve done here. BTW, one small correction: MacIssues started at the end of March 2014, not May as the article states. (Time flies, doesn’t it?) In fact, two of the articles you linked to are actually from March 21.

  3. Jay

    Thank you for all your help over the years. I read every post. Often, when a problem comes up, I remember your article and know where to go for help

  4. Stefan P. Mueller

    Thank you, Topher, for your invaluable contributions over many years and for saving this most important trouble shooting blog at a critical time. When I started reading your letter, I became afraid that it was a farewell message. What a relief that MacIssues is well and will continue to be available!

  5. wonderbear

    Yes, thanks much for all your help! The site is an important stop for me to help keep on top of potential issues and solving current problems I may encounter. Keep it up!

  6. B. Jefferson Le Blanc

    I have to add my thanks as well. For many years I’ve been saving how-to and troubleshooting articles I may need in the future, including yours. There’s no way I could remember everything I’ve read here. But a Spotlight search of the folders where I save articles like these almost always turns up the one(s) I need.

    By the way, this is a good use for Print>Save as PDF…. The PDF format preserves formatting, images and live links.

    I admit I’m rather embarrassed to be among the top commenters. Obviously I’m an incurable busybody. 🙂

  7. Steve P

    I check in every day, and frequently forward your articles to Mac friends. MacIssues is an important resource. I very much appreciate your work. All the best to you!

  8. J MacKillop

    Thanks Topher!

    Yours is “THE” go to site for informative How-To’s and trouble resolutions. I too save many of your articles for future reference. You’ve helped me directly, and through “MacIssues, and I thank You for such a rare generosity of spirit.

    Best Wishes for 2015 !

  9. forkboy1965

    I know I was quite disappointed with the disappearance of MacFixIt from CNET. Your blog on CNET started about the same time I made the decision to stop building my own Windows-driven desktops and try Apple… and I haven’t looked back.

    Certainly not everything that comes up here is for me, but MacIssues is on my daily read bookmarks folder and it’s always interesting.

    Glad to be part of the show!

  10. Roger Pelizzari

    Thank YOU Topher for all your patience with all our problems, big and small. You’re the wisest Mac doctor in the land. Have a totally happy year.

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