Class action law suit filed against Apple for 2011 MacBook Pro graphics issues

MacBookProIconXOne of the more recent hardware snafus that Apple’s systems have encountered is a graphics error in its 2011 MacBook Pro line, where both 15-inch and 17-inch models for many users have shown graphics anomalies. So far Apple has not acknowledged the problem and issued fixes for affected owners, and many have had to pay for expensive logic board replacements.

As a result of these actions, after having researched the problem law firm Whitfield Bryson & Mason LLP has filed a class-action law suit against Apple regarding the logic board replacements.

“Our firm recently filed a class-action lawsuit in a California federal court against Apple, Inc. on behalf of residents in the States of California and Florida who purchased 2011 MacBook Pro Laptops with AMD GPUs who experienced graphical distortions and system failures.”

This suit further claims that while people have had their systems fixed by Apple out of warranty, often the replacements would again fail and show the same graphical errors, and the law firm is stating this is from poor manufacturing of the system’s graphics systems where small cracks could develop in the lead-free solder joints for AMD graphics processors, a defect that prevents the systems from performing as advertised and warranted on and after the point of sale.

While this law suit has been officially filed, Whitfield Bryson & Mason LLP are still getting feedback about the issue by way of a survey (available here), where you can fill out how many systems you own that have been affected by this issue, and how much you have paid to repair these issues. Keep in mind that if you wish to fill out this survey, it is only applicable for 2011 MacBook Pro systems, and not for any problems with other models.

We will wait and see how this law suit plays out, but hopefully if the claims in this suit are upheld, then those who have been affected by this issue will see some compensation for the costs of repairs.

UPDATE (2/19/2015): Apple has issued a repair program for affected systems.

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  1. Joey

    The problem is, the issue also involved other than 2011 models, notably the 2010 MacBook Pros. Actually could take this problem back a long time to the old plastic MacBooks.

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