How to create poetic nonsense in iOS 8

iOS8IconXIf one person’s gibberish is another person’s poetry (or vice versa), then iOS 8 has you covered.

Many of Apple’s augmentations in iOS thorough the years have come with a degree of unintended humor. When Siri was introduced, of course many took advantage of asking her about intimate details, as well as finding amusement in her answers to odd questions; and when Maps was added to iOS, people were amused by instructions to drive off cliffs or into buildings. In iOS 8, Apple has introduced yet another convenience factor, the QuickType keyboard, that while useful, can be the source of at least some mild amusement. To use QuickType, simply tap a text field and when the keyboard appears, you should see a three-pane suggestion box above the keyboard, that contains words you might wish to type.

The words that appear here are contextual, so not only are they based on what you type, but are also based on an interpretation of the text you have already typed. For instance, if you have typed “I would am going to the ” and then have entered the letter “s” as the first typed letter of the forthcoming word, you will see one of the suggestion options be “store.” This is opposed to having first typed “I have always loved” whereby the “s” will result in suggestions of “seeing” or “someone” instead of “store.”

The word suggestions are not only contextual, but for empty fields Apple starts you off with some common beginnings, including “I,” “You,” and “The,” which allow you to quickly enter some useful sentences by merely tapping. For instance, with three taps you can enter “I love you” for a message to a spouse, or “I don’t know,” both done without typing a single letter character.

QuickType humor in iOS 8

Tapping the QuickType suggestions in somewhat random order can result in quite amusing messages for your friends.

This feature has its obvious conveniences, but it also allows for a lovely ballet of word suggestions you can assemble that, mad-lib in nature, can result in phrases that are almost poetic in their nonsense:

“The new version and I love it so much better now that I’m not a good idea”

“Ok I’m done for the next two years of my life”

“I have to go to bed at the end zone for a long time”

“The new update is the best of luck with that of the year of high school”

The possibilities are endless, and can be augmented with a typed word of your own here or there to change the context and send the phrase in an entirely new direction. So the next time you are chatting with a friend, give QuickType a try, and if you want to send them into a few spirals of confusion, simply continue to tap on QuickType suggestions to see what bizarre phrases you can assemble.

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