Does the OS X Info window need a redesign?

FinderIconXOne of the long-standing features in the OS X Finder is the information window, where you can select one or more items and press Command-i to see details such as file size, location on disk, dates created and modified, among others. In addition, you can use the info window to set file access permissions, the default handling application, and lock the file, if needed.

These features in the info window make it quite convenient, and for some people a popular option to use for managing files on disk; however, its design has not changed for years, and as it was in earlier versions of the Mac OS, the window shows a basic listing of attributes. Given that Apple is revamping its user interface in OS X Yosemite, is it time we see a change in the information window?

New information window concept for OS X

Ramotion’s concept suggests a sleek look and reorganization of features, along with additional services added to the information window.

To answer this question, Ramotion, Inc, has shared a view of a revamped information window, that brings not only aesthetic changes but also functional differences to this staple of the Mac OS. Ramotion suggests that not only should the info window take on the new iOS-like interface elements that are being incorporated into Yosemite, but also should be reorganized to have items more logically grouped, have targeted and contextual details, show preview inforamtion

In essence, it appears Ramotion is looking for a blend of Apple’s QuickLook services in the information window. As with the addition of widgets in Apple’s Notification center that directly compete with (and perhaps suggest the demise of) the Dashboard, is it time Apple revamps the info window and either does away with it in favor of an enhanced QuickLook option, or otherwise blends the two? We will have to wait and see, but I for one, who uses both QuickLook  and the info window regularly, would find it exceptionally useful to see both of their services blended.

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3 thoughts on “Does the OS X Info window need a redesign?

  1. Strod

    It seems that the guy who designed the “new” version (the one on the right) doesn’t realize that there is a fundamental difference between “comments” and “tags”. They both serve their purposes and it would be a disaster if they got blended together.

  2. xAirbusdriver

    meh! The Ramotion design does nothing for me. Except making it waste more space with less information. 😉 I use QuickLook every day, being separate is no problem; press the space bar: there it is! DOH! Frankly, I don’t understand the flattening “appeal” of the iOS. Saves cpu cycles? To me, it just makes seeing buttons/controls harder to see and even recognize, sane for the much less legible font and text color. Maybe I’m just getting too old? :+0

    OTOH, I hardly ever use Finder, anyway. Path Finder has much more real information in its “Info” windows! 😉

  3. B. Jefferson Le Blanc

    Ramotion seems to be following Apple’s lead in UI design by flushing usability down the toilet. Lighter weight gray text on a white background? Please. Stupid is as stupid does. Maybe the Get Info window could use an update, but not one that induces eye strain. As for blending QuickLook with Get Info, some additional information in the QuickLook window can be useful. I use some plug-ins to enhance its options. That’s one of the great unheralded features of QuickLook – it is extensible. But too much of a good thing would be, well, too much. I think combining Quick Look and Get Info would require cluttering up QuickLook or dumbing down Get Info. There is some feature overlap between the two, but lets not spoil a good thing – or rather, two good things. A little duplication never hurt anybody.

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