6 thoughts on “Quickly re-create a missing admin account on your Mac

  1. oll

    also when you create your new account, make your home directory the same as the admin account you lost so you will log on into the right folder. Plus, TICK THAT YOU WANT TO START UP WITH NOTHING.

  2. test

    The problem explained is absolutely correct. I’m unfortunately not coming in root mode as Command S doesn’t function.

  3. Barry Marshall (@RunninonemptyAB)

    Just wonder if you destroyed the boot partition. I did on a new iMac that I bought and there is a way of restoring it through Terminal, but very few know about it and it has to be done right.

  4. RastaMouse

    What an enormous security risk.

    I’ve just stumbled across this page as I ran into this issue restoring a friend’s MBP after a HD failure. When I ran Migration Assistant it crashed and left the Mac with only a Standard account. This process fixed it within 5 minutes.

    However, think about what is happening here. All you need is physical access to a Mac running OS X, 5 minutes alone with it, 2 CLI commands and a reboot and you can basically pwn the machine by creating a new admin account and then you can do whatever you want.

    I’m reporting this to Apple, I think it’s absolutely staggering that this is even an option.

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