Testing Yosemite Beta? Send Apple feedback!

FeedbackAssistantIconXApple’s Yosemite beta has been out for a few days now, and if you have decided to take the plunge and try it out either as your main OS or on a test partition, then you might find some problems or even have some features you would like to have changed or implemented in the OS.

For any of these concerns, Apple includes a tool called Feedback Assistant, which you can use to communicate problems and feature requests to Apple representatives:

  1. Open the Feedback Assistant tool (search for it in Spotlight to quickly launch it).
  2. Sign in with your Apple ID.
  3. Click the “New Feedback” button, or choose to submit a new problem report, enhancement request, or localization report from the “File” menu.
  4. Fill out the form that shows, including as many specific details about the problem at hand as you can.
  5. Add any screenshots or screencast recordings you can take to outline the problem.
  6. Click the submit button.
Feedback Assistant in OS X Yosemite

Click this button in Feedback Assistant to send a new problem report, or you can create enhancement requests and other feedback from the File menu.

Note that the feedback assistant for the public beta will submit these reports to Apple, but Apple does set tiered importance for the various testers of the beta. While Apple has opened its testing to the general public, it still maintains its long-standing Appleseed beta program. As a result, problem reports sent by Appleseed members will be certain to be run by Apple engineers, whereas those from the public beta will be sifted through with secondary importance.

Nevertheless, as with standard feedback for Apple’s products, the reports will be collected and used to assess outstanding bugs, requests, or other problems, so if you are testing the beta, be sure to use this process to actively send feedback to Apple.

4 thoughts on “Testing Yosemite Beta? Send Apple feedback!

  1. xAirbusdriver

    There is also a “Send Feedback Assistance Feedback” item in the Help Menu. However, I don’t see a “Assistance for the Send Feedback Assistance Feedback” function. I guess we’re on our own in that case… :rolleyes: LOL!

    Apple seems to be holding the privacy line even with the “public” Beta. Section 10 of the Terms says there “may” be a forum where we can discuss the Beta. But that’s not occurred, yet, and probably won’t. Some developers have forums with sections specific to their own apps and Yosemite. Of course, they can’t talk about what might be causing problems that they may have with the OS, only work-arounds that sometimes an app to run.

    I can understand Apple wanting to keep negativity to a minimum. But there could easily be questions about the Beta that aren’t really problems as much as where stuff is, changes in how things work, etc. Apple probably assumes we Beta testers don’t need that kind of community and enforcing the regular Nondisclosure agreements.

    1. lloyd1981

      Hello, Airbusdriver. Long time.
      The only real issue was not able to load .dmg files. A second reboot took care of.
      Some issues I experienced with Mavericks through 10.9.4 disappeared. Most important: Not able to access panel for MagicMouse.
      A true “forum” would allow discussion of matters like programs that already work for “window shade” and modifying dock background.

  2. B. Jefferson Le Blanc

    I have indeed found problems with the Yosemite beta – but, of course, I cannot discuss them here. Though I’ve been told by a reliable source with expertise on the subject that it is permissible for beta testers to communicate with one another in a non-public manner, as with e-mail. So, Topher, I think we can assume your are among those testing Yosemite. Have you any interest in hearing, privately (insofar as e-mail is private) about what some of us have encountered? Though you cannot discuss such communications here, they may help you in your work – for instance, have others encountered some of the same issues you have?

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