Apple Issues MacBook Air EFI firmware update

FirmwareUpdateIconXIf you have a MacBook Air and are experiencing long pauses when waking from sleep, or if you find your system fans are regularly blaring after waking from sleep, then Apple has a fix in the form of an EFI firmware update, that should hopefully clear the issue.

The update, for Mid-2011 MacBook Air systems, is a small download available via Software Update in the Apple menu, but can also be downloaded from Apple’s Support downloads page and applied manually.

As with all firmware updates, this will require you to reboot your system, and you may see the system reboot automatically at least once.

As always, be sure to fully back up your system before applying this update, and follow all on-screen instructions for applying the update.

Since the issues that this fix addresses are otherwise related to the system management controller’s functions, if you do not see an improvement right away then consider resetting your system management controller, which can be done on the MacBook Air by shutting down and plugging in the system, followed by pressing the Shift-Control-Option keys on the left side of your keyboard and then pressing the power key. Release all of these together, and then press the Power key again to start up the system.

The update states it only applies to systems running OS X 10.9.2 or later, and those with the following EFI versions only:

  • 0077.00
  • 0077.08
  • 0077.0E
  • 0077.0F

To check the version of the EFI firmware on your Mac, open the System Information utility and click the Hardware section, in which you should see the firmware version listed.

2 thoughts on “Apple Issues MacBook Air EFI firmware update

  1. Francois

    After software update, I have noticed that this update is not working for my macbook air.. update notification is continusly coming back again…

  2. alvarnell

    Users had mixed results with this, some had to run the update multiple times before it completed, others were never able to get it to work and still others were able to run it even though their MBA model didn’t need it.

    Apple appears to have pulled it from Software Update this afternoon.

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