Will your Mac run OS X 10.10 Yosemite?

YosemiteInstallerIconXWith Apple’s next version of OS X now available as a public beta, you might wonder whether or not your Mac will be able to run it. While any relatively new Mac ought to be able to run the next version of OS X, if you have an older one then this may be a valid question.

Even though Apple has not yet released official system specifications for Yosemite, it has released its Public Beta which includes information on what models the beta can be installed on. Granted, as testing of the new OS continues these details may change; however, in most past releases of OS X, the systems that developer preview software was released on were those fully supported by the final version.

For Yosemite, the installation package contains a full listing of the Mac motherboard revisions which are supported for running the OS. To look up the motherboard revision on your system, open the Terminal utility and run the following command (copy and paste the entire line here to a Terminal window):

ioreg -l | grep "board-id" | awk -F\" '{print $4}'

You can also immediately copy this information to the clipboard by running the following command

ioreg -l | grep "board-id" | awk -F\" '{print $4}' | pbcopy
System Information showing model number

System Information utility showing the Mac model number (click image for larger view).

With the output of this command copied to your clipboard, you can search for it in the list at the end of this article. Note that in this list, I have tried to include the relevant model number, which you can also look up using the system information utility, or by running the following command in the Terminal:

sysctl hw.model

The Mac motherboard IDs and corresponding model numbers that the current preview build of Yosemite will work on, are the following, so if you find your Mac’s motherboard ID and model listed, then your Mac should be supported for running at least the current test build of Yosemite.

OS X 10.10 Yosemite Hardware Compatibility List

Motherboard ID Mac Model
Mac-F2218EC8 iMac9,1
Mac-F2268DC8 iMac10,1
Mac-F2268CC8 iMac10,1
Mac-F2268DAE iMac11,1
Mac-F2238AC8 iMac11,2
Mac-F2238BAE iMac11,3
Mac-F221DCC8 iMac12,1
Mac-942B5BF58194151B iMac12,1
Mac-942B59F58194171B iMac12,2
Mac-00BE6ED71E35EB86 iMac13,1
Mac-FC02E91DDD3FA6A4 iMac13,2
Mac-031B6874CF7F642A iMac14,1
Mac-27ADBB7B4CEE8E61 iMac14,2
Mac-77EB7D7DAF985301 iMac14,3
Mac-81E3E92DD6088272 iMac15,1
Mac-FA842E06C61E91C5 iMac15,x
Mac-42FD25EABCABB274 iMac15,x
Mac-F4238CC8 iMac7,1
Mac-F42386C8 iMac7,1
Mac-F227BEC8 iMac8,1
Mac-F226BEC8 iMac8,1
Mac-F2218EA9 iMac9,1
Mac-F2218FC8 iMac9,1
Mac-F2218FA9 iMac9,1
Mac-F42D89C8 MacBook5,1
Mac-F42D89A9 MacBook5,1
Mac-F22788AA MacBook5,2
Mac-F22C8AC8 MacBook6,1
Mac-F22C89C8 MacBook7,1
Mac-F42D88C8 MacBookAir2,1
Mac-942452F5819B1C1B MacBookAir3,1
Mac-942C5DF58193131B MacBookAir3,2
Mac-C08A6BB70A942AC2 MacBookAir4,1
Mac-742912EFDBEE19B3 MacBookAir4,2
Mac-66F35F19FE2A0D05 MacBookAir5,1
Mac-2E6FAB96566FE58C MacBookAir5,2
Mac-35C1E88140C3E6CF MacBookAir6,1
Mac-7DF21CB3ED6977E5 MacBookAir6,2
Mac-C3EC7CD22292981F MacBookPro10,1
Mac-AFD8A9D944EA4843 MacBookPro10,2
Mac-189A3D4F975D5FFC MacBookPro11,1
Mac-3CBD00234E554E41 MacBookPro11,2
Mac-2BD1B31983FE1663 MacBookPro11,3
Mac-F42388C8 MacBookPro3,1
Mac-F4238BC8 MacBookPro3,1
Mac-F42C86C8 MacBookPro4,1
Mac-F42C89C8 MacBookPro4,1
Mac-F42D86A9 MacBookPro5,1
Mac-F42D86C8 MacBookPro5,1
Mac-F2268EC8 MacBookPro5,2
Mac-F22587C8 MacBookPro5,3
Mac-F22587A1 MacBookPro5,4
Mac-F2268AC8 MacBookPro5,5
Mac-F22589C8 MacBookPro6,1
Mac-F22586C8 MacBookPro6,2
Mac-F222BEC8 MacBookPro7,1
Mac-94245B3640C91C81 MacBookPro8,1
Mac-94245A3940C91C80 MacBookPro8,2
Mac-942459F5819B171B MacBookPro8,3
Mac-4B7AC7E43945597E MacBookPro9,1
Mac-7DF2A3B5E5D671ED MacBookPro9,2
Mac-6F01561E16C75D06 MacBookPro9,2
Mac-F22C86C8 MacMini3,1
Mac-F2208EC8 MacMini4,1
Mac-8ED6AF5B48C039E1 MacMini5,1
Mac-4BC72D62AD45599E MacMini5,2
Mac-7BA5B2794B2CDB12 MacMini5,3
Mac-031AEE4D24BFF0B1 MacMini6,1
Mac-F65AE981FFA204ED MacMini6,2
Mac-F42C88C8 MacPro3,1
Mac-F221BEC8 MacPro4,1
Mac-F60DEB81FF30ACF6 MacPro6,1
Mac-F223BEC8 Xserve3,1

8 thoughts on “Will your Mac run OS X 10.10 Yosemite?

  1. carpetbomberz

    I wonder if any systems have fallen of the list between 10.9 and the 10.10 Beta? I wonder if the graphics card might be what is going to determine whether or not the motherboard is supported on the new OS?

    1. Topher Kessler Post author

      It appears they are all the same, so if your Mac is running Mavericks then you should be able to upgrade to Yosemite. It is possible that this could change, but I doubt it will very much.

      1. carpetbomberz

        What prompted the question was the iOS 8 requirements very quietly dropped the iPhone 4 off the list of devices supported. I’ve got an iPhone 4 and was amazed at how many upgrades I was able to do until time ran out. Was hoping my old iMac would weather the upgrade as well. Looks like it’s good to go.

  2. Strod

    There is at least one model clearly missing from that list. Towards the end of the list yu can find MacPro3,1, MacPro4,1, MacPro6,1. Those correspond to the models from 2008, 2009, and the adorable little trashcans from 2013 (I want one!).

    What is missing is MacPro5,1: the models from 2010 and 2012. Maybe they correspond to the motherboard ID’s that have no corresponding Mac Model numbers at the very end of the list?

  3. macergerjeniet

    I’m a bit confused; The MacPro 4,1 should support Yosemite, according to Mactracker it supports the latest release of OSX, but I can’t upgrade mine above Lion… Graphics card issue?

    1. Aram Fingal

      Possibly. My understanding is that the graphics card (GPU) is the real issue in these recent system updates. It should, in principle, be possible to upgrade some MacPros to Mavericks or Yosemite by upgrading the graphics card first but I don’t know if the OS installer will let you.

      1. macergerjeniet

        Turns out it was a problem with the Wifi card! The Atheros card is known to cause Problems..

  4. B. Jefferson Le Blanc

    There has not yet been a Mactracker update to cover Yosemite. You might contact Apple support to see if your graphics card is the issue. If that’s the case, you can upgrade the graphics card – if you want to spend the money.

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