Dropbox announces Mailbox for OS X

DropBoxIconXIf you are interested in e-mail client options other than Apple’s Mail, then you might be in luck. The Dropbox-owned alternative to Apple’s iOS Mail client, called Mailbox, is being expanded for not only Android systems, but also for OS X.

Mailbox started on the iPhone as an app to access Gmail accounts, and its use of gestures has made it quite an attractive product. The app was then migrated to the iPad, and adopted support for additional e-mail services.

Last year, Dropbox purchased the app, and has announced today that it will not only be available on Android systems, but also as a desktop app for OS X. Currently the program is available in the iOS App Store, but on the Mailboxapp.com Web site, you can click the link to sign up for the OS X beta when it is available.

Apple’s Mail program has been the dominant e-mail client in OS X, and while there are alternatives like Microsoft’s Outlook, others such as Eudora and Thunderbird have been stopped in development by their parent companies, so while they may still work, they will inherently fall behind and eventually not be reliable options.

Hopefully Mailbox will bring attractive and different e-mail options to the OS X desktop.

3 thoughts on “Dropbox announces Mailbox for OS X

  1. Kat Jenkins

    Mailbox allows you to set up lists, into which you can drag messages that you want to organize in some way. Unfortunately, the lists cannot then be sorted by sender or date. The messages can only be reordered or reorganized by dragging, message by message. Right now it doesn’t seem likely that the ability to sort a “List” by date or sender will be added.

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