Two Steve Jobs speeches embedded in Pages for OS X

PagesIconXOne of the more famous speeches given by Steve Jobs during his lifetime was to the Stanford graduating class of 2005, where he touched on his life, opportunities, and philosophies as inspirational words to the new graduates of that year. In addition, Steve Jobs’ “Crazy Ones” speech is perhaps one of the more iconic ones by the late Apple founder and CEO.

These speeches can be found at at various sources such as YouTube and at Stanford’s Website, but in addition, Apple engineers have also embedded these speeches in their entirety in Apple’s Pages application.

Steve Jobs speeches in Pages

This document in the Pages application contains Steve Jobs’ famous speeches (click for larger view).

As with all applications in OS X, Pages is an application bundle, which is actually a folder containing the program executable as well as a number of resources that the program uses to run. In addition to these resources, things like the software license, App Store receipt, and code signature for security are contained in the application bundle. In Pages, one of the files in the Resources subdirectory of the application is simply labeled “Apple.txt,” and contains the two speeches.

To get to this file, you just need to open the application bundle in the Finder:

  1. Locate Pages in the Applications folder
  2. Right-click the program and choose “Show Package Contents”
  3. Go to the Contents > Resources directory
  4. Open the file called “Apple.txt”

In addition to accessing the file in the Finder, you can read out the contents of this file by using the “cat” command in the Terminal. Simply open the Terminal utility (in the Applications > Utilities folder), and copy and paste the following command into it, and the two speeches will be output to the Terminal:

cat /Applications/

Finally, if you wish to have the speeches spoken, you can do so by using the “say” command in the Terminal. Copy the following command, and the contents of the “Apple.txt” file will be spoken in the system’s default text-to-speech voice:

say -f /Applications/

2 thoughts on “Two Steve Jobs speeches embedded in Pages for OS X

  1. Lynne

    thank you for that info — what a great speech – and I never knew it was there!! RIP, Steve Jobs!!

  2. B. Jefferson Le Blanc

    I think it’s worth noting that this file is only available in the latest, Mavericks only version of Pages. As for reading it aloud, this can also be done by pasting the text in a TextEdit file and selecting Speech>Start Speaking under the Edit menu. This way you can also save the file for future reference.

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