Access old internet radio in iTunes 11

iTunesIconXIn the latest version of iTunes, Apple’s iTunes Radio service has been revamped, so instead of offering a number of stream URLs to various third-party radio stations, the new service gives you channels based on artist or genre, which play songs available through the iTunes store.

This radio feature has its benefits, including the ability to skip songs, purchase those you like, and create custom radio stations based on your tastes; however, you may still wish to access older streamed radio station options.

Internet Radio in iTunes 11

Check this box to add classic internet radio to iTunes.

While these are hidden in the latest version of iTunes, they are still available in the program. To access them, you simply need to enable the Internet section in iTunes’ Music category, and you will be able to access all the old listed radio stations that were available in prior versions of iTunes:

  1. Go to the General section of iTunes’ preferences
  2. Check the “Internet Radio” option in the “Show” section
  3. Close the preferences.

After doing this, when you select the Music section to view your songs you will see “Internet” as a section along with “Radio,” “Songs,” “Albums,” and other categories. Selecting this section will give you the familiar list of radio streams.

Internet radio stations in iTunes 11

When the Internet option is added, you can click it in the main Music section of iTunes to list old radio stations.

4 thoughts on “Access old internet radio in iTunes 11

  1. B. Jefferson Le Blanc

    Great tip. Thanks. Apple never tells us these things when they make changes.

  2. B. Jefferson Le Blanc

    PS.: Using Chrome I can post using my G-mail/Google+ account. I guess all the privacy filters I have set up in Safari block this functionality. So I have to use an insecure browser in order to post here – or type in my name and e-mail every time. This was only occasionally a problem on the old MacFixIt.

  3. Karen vB

    Looks like this no longer applies in iTunes 12. Only stuff that makes $$ for Apple which this list apparently did not do. And it was so useful for finding real internet radio stations, especially for things like classical music that Apple is not as interested in. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.

    1. Karen vB

      Correction! There was one place I neglected to explore: in the upper left of the program’s window, just below the red/yellow/green buttons, there are 3 dots next to the music note. Clicking those dots brings up the menu of alternate places to go in the program, including the list of radio stations. Then you click “edit” at the bottom of the list and the check boxes become available. Check which ones you want, click “done” and suddenly their icons are up there between the music note and the 3 dots. No need to go to preferences. So, I withdraw the cynical comments and am a happy camper once more.

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