2013 Mac Pro now to ship closer to May

2013MacProFor the past few months, shipments of Apple’s new slick Mac Pro desktop system have been on hold, as Apple revamps its production of the systems to meet demand. Apple’s built-to-order page for the Mac Pro has stated any purchased system will be available for shipment sometime in April; however, while this is still the case for some of its international stores, in its US store Apple has changed this status to read “5 to 6 weeks.”

Unfortunately Apple is not known for pulling April Fools jokes, but this means that despite the initial expected availability in April, that people who have ordered these systems and have been expecting them to be available soon, should expect them closer to the first week or two in May.

The new Mac Pro offers a powerful package in a sleek and attractive new design that breaks away from the bulky tower design of Apple’s previous pro desktop systems. The new systems rely heavily on Thunderbolt and USB connectivity for expansion, and have been anticipated for a while since their introduction last June at WWDC.

Mac Pro ship times

Apple’s new Mac Pro ship times are 5-6 weeks on the Apple Store.

Perhaps Apple will update its production of these systems and the shipment status will change, or perhaps Apple is over-estimating the delays and the systems will in fact be here weeks sooner; however, until then it may be best put your expectations for an April delivery on hold.