Monthly Archives: April 2014

Preparing for the 10.9.3 update

InstallMavericksIconXThe developer seed builds for the upcoming 10.9.3 update for Mavericks have become more frequent, suggesting Apple is wrapping up the last few bugs that testers have found for this version of OS X and the public release of the update should be coming very soon.

In addition to the standard bug fixes and tweaks, this update comes with a couple of new features for managing Continue reading

Manage OS X Terminal processes and windows with the inspector

TerminalIconXIf you are a Terminal user, and especially a power user, then you might regularly launch multiple Terminal windows, run various scripts, and have commands running in the background. Unfortunately it may sometimes be difficult to pinpoint which running processes belong to what terminal window.

For instance, if you have the synchronization tool “rsync” running in several Terminal windows, you might not know Continue reading

Commands for finding files in the OS X Terminal

TerminalIconXThe Terminal in OS X is a relatively powerful environment, where you have access to a number of scriptable tools that can help you configure, gather information, and otherwise use your Mac in ways that you cannot otherwise do with a mouse and graphical elements. Granted some of these more advanced features of the terminal require extensive experience, but if you are just getting started, then you might wonder how you simply find files in the Terminal. Continue reading

How to block popup windows in Mac Web browsers

SafariIconXPopup windows in Web browsers can be one of the more irritating aspects of browsing the Web. While most Web sites to not make use of popups, at times you might be directed to some that do.

In a few cases, these are necessary for the services the site is supplying; however, often these sites are spam sites where you might find yourself flooded with Continue reading

View timestamps in Messages on your Mac and iPhone

MessagesIconXWhen you are using Apple’s iMessage service, you might wish to look up when a specific message arrived, especially if you are troubleshooting a connection problem or other configuration issue with Messages. There are several ways to do this both in OS X and in iOS, a couple of which are relatively apparent, and a couple that are not. Continue reading

Fix Outlook 2011 forgetting passwords

OutlookIconXIf you use Microsoft Outlook 2011 for OS X, after upgrading to OS X Mavericks you might find the program periodically forgetting passwords for your various accounts, and continually prompting you to enter them.

This may happen when the computer wakes from sleep, or may happen after a period of inactivity, Continue reading

Enable MIDI playback in Web browsers for Mavericks and Mountain Lion

QuickTimeXIconXMIDI files are similar to digital sheet music, where notes on individual tracks are played with a selected instrument from a central sound library. This allows the relatively small MIDI file of only a few kilobytes to play anything from simple piano music, to full symphonic arrangements.

When Apple introduced QuickTime X in Mountain Lion, it unfortunately removed support for MIDI file playback. Continue reading

How to detect and remove Genieo for Mac

BurnIconXIn recent months there have been a growing number of concerns regarding a software package called Genieo, which in some cases seems to have mysteriously appeared on people’s Macs.

When installed, the software results in a number of headaches, stemming from the inability to change browser search engines, to advertisements and warnings popping up when people use their systems. Continue reading