NPR adds live stream to iTunes

NPRIconIf you are an NPR fan and use iTunes on your Mac or iOS device, then you will now be able to stream NPR 24-hours a day on Apple’s iTunes Radio service.

iTunes Radio launched with the release of iOS 7 in September 2013, and is available on all of Apple’s supported iOS devices as well as with Macs and PCs using iTunes. It has since become a popular method for streaming and exploring different genres of music.

With NPR and affiliated stations added to the mix, iTunes Radio will delve more into news and talk-radio content.

NPR stations are expected to be available on iTunes Radio later today, but meanwhile NPR has its NPR News for iPhone and NPR + iPad apps that you can use on those devices to tap into its content.

When the NPR stations are made available, you can add them to iTunes radio by going to the “My Stations” section and clicking the plus button. Then search for “NPR” or a similar query, and add the stations to your library.

iTunes Radio

Click the plus button in the “My Stations” section, and then search for the NPR stations (note in this screenshot, the official stations are not available yet).