MacIssues is in Progress!


Introducing MacIssues: troubleshooting, how-to, and repair info for Mac users

MacIssues is currently being set up, and is intended to be an ongoing source for troubleshooting and generally using your Mac, following the closure of MacFixIt by CNET. The content will include latest news about updates, problems, and solutions to common problems.

This site will be primarily a blog, with separate sections outlining how-to and troubleshooting for various features of OS X. For some articles, these may include video step-by-step instructions.

For all content, there will be comments for open discussion. A forum is planned as well, and may be here soon.

Lastly, this site is intended to be a community effort, so if you have a hint, fix, tip, or other suggestion, please send them in using the suggestions box.

63 thoughts on “MacIssues is in Progress!

    1. Topher Kessler Post author

      Thanks! I hope it is for folks. The site still has some quirks (e.g., this posting needed moderation, but I changed that setting), so hopefully they will be minimal and ironed out soon.

  1. Ken Hoyle

    Congratulations Topher. This is a bold and exciting step to take. I am most impressed by the new website, it’s content, clarity and ease of use. The contact panel actually works too, which it never seemed to on CNET. We Mac users owe it to you to spread the word as you follow in the footsteps of the famous Ted Landau. I find CNET is too PC oriented and it is great to have our own MAC ONLY site again.
    I run a small unofficial Mac User Group in Australia, and I am encouraging all my members to follow and support Topher on this venture.
    Good luck and I hope it will prove to be very successful :) .

  2. Sven

    MacFixIt —> MacIssues: only a name change, after all – everything else should remain as good as before, hopefully… :-)

  3. msadesign

    Toph! I went to the normal link like I do every morning ( and wound up redirected to some cnet crapola. Is this where to find you now? Is it over with PC-Cnet?

    1. B. Jefferson Le Blanc

      They asked me, too – and I told them what I thought, which is how stupid they are. Hope they get a lot of feedback like that.

  4. Ephraim Fithian

    Welcome back Topher. I found your site through devious means, but I am not sure how others can find it. Doing a search for MacFixit shows MacRumors has an article about it. I have posted there to try to direct others to your web page.

    Your articles are invaluable to me and others like me.

  5. carpetbomberz

    I’ve followed you forever on MacFixit, probably amassed 100 or more links or comments on my blog to articles you wrote there. Will follow you here too, and recommend EVERYBODY follow suit. Nobody, no corporation can match the writing style and deep knowledge you’ve got. Keep it up!

  6. darkdreamer4u

    What happened? Why did CNET drop it?
    Anyway, this site is now my new homepage – eat that CNET!
    Hopefully this will be the new MacFixit as it used to be before CNET:-)
    Good luck and let’s spread the word!

  7. Me In LA

    Glad to see you here, and frankly, with all the CNET trolls ruining every MacFixit post, I’m happy to see you move on. I can barely take that place any longer so I hope that things are more Mac-centric here away from the clowns. Good luck TK – I’ve been a supporter for a long time and I’m glad you got a new home.

    PS – I see some people here I know from other places!

  8. tingo

    Good, excellent, congrats, Topher. Now, could I ask you for two things:

    1. enter the date of a new post inside of its page, not only in the listings — maybe not useful right now, but in a year or two…

    2. specify which version of OSX the contents of a post apply or don’t apply to, if you know it — would save some time for those who use “antiquated” systems.

    Good luck!

  9. bainter

    Thanks Topher for all those years of service helping us out. Can’t count the number of times you’ve bailed me out!

  10. Roger

    You have helped me many times, Topher. Thank you for continuing with this site – glad you’re now out of the CNET prison. Hope you can get the MacFixIt archives. All the best!

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  12. NYMike

    Spent a couple of days wondering what happened to you. Glad to have found you. Replacing macfixit with macissues in my bookmarks favorites bar.

  13. Kupe

    Thank you Topher- I’ve been a daily reader of MacFixit since early Ted Landau days, and you did a great job with it since. MacIssues is my new go to morning coffee read!

  14. Joachim

    As an old time Mac user I still find useful hints in your posts ever so often. Glad you did not vanish from earth and space, now that CNET has vanished from my bookmarks. Thank you, Topher, and keep up the good work.

      1. Kupe

        YVW Topher. And how crazy is this? Despite C/NET having killed MacFixit, I don’t have the heart to delete MacFixit from my Favorites bar. It’s been there since OS-lord-knows-when LOL! I don’t think I’d recognize my own computer without it there.

  15. Jay

    I have been following Macfixit before it went to the evil empire, and I’ll continue to follow it here. Keep it up Topher!

  16. Pileits

    As Arnold so often said in his movies, ” I’LL BE BACK”
    I also agree CNET was so often focused on MicroSoft operated machines which yes indeed is the bulk of home computers sort of like Lada’s when it comes to cheap cars.
    In the end you STILL get what you pay for!

  17. Lynne

    thanks goodness you’ve picked up where MacFixit left off — I have found your site to be extremely helpful for the past several years, especially when I was running a computer lab. Welcome back and thanks!

    1. Topher Kessler Post author

      You’re welcome! I hope you enjoy the site. I’m working on how best to organize the how-to and Troubleshooting sections, but will be continuing regular blog content.

  18. Michael

    Out with the CNET bookmark, in with the bookmark. Finally, I can shake the dust of CNET from my sandals. I’m strangely happy with you being divorced from CNET, as opposed to the horror I had when they purchased TechTracker. ( replaced THAT particular bookmark, FWIW).

  19. lloyd1981

    I remember, not too long ago, someone posted in the “Comments” section “We need to find Topher a better…” All I remember at this point, but it seems to have come to pass.

    Link here from one Ted Landay posted on his “site.”

    In my SeaMonkey browser, I still have about a half-dozen tabs linked to specific subjects. Guess I should print them out and close the book.

    Good luck.

  20. Johan

    I’ve been a grateful reader of your articles for the last couple of years. I was rather stunned to see that macfixit was gone. But I’m relieved to see you are continuing the good work on your own. Good luck man! And thanks!

  21. tingo

    Words of encouragement circulating around the community:

  22. A. Anderson

    Because CNET is to websites what Microshaft is to software!

    They destroy everything they touch….

  23. Kurt J. Meyer

    I was upset when I noticed CNET had dropped macfixit. Now I am happy to see that you continue troubleshooting on your own site. Thanks, Topher, for all the valuable help in the past years and good luck for all the years to come.

  24. Health108

    Thank you for prevailing Topher. I’ve been relying on your helpful hints for years.
    Apple should be supporting your valuable site.

  25. Bill Boak

    I’m sure glad to see you starting up this site. There are many more posts than we were getting via CNET. Will you have a means of searching for articles? Too much information for one session but certain info will be useful in the future; and a way of locating it would be useful.

  26. Gaz Tanner

    Thank you for launching, Topher. I came to rely on MacFixit over my 10 years of Mac ownership and was sorry to see its demise. I wish you luck with the new blog.

  27. Andy Bencomo

    Bravo and thanks for your years of service to the mac community. As they said in a famous baseball movie once, “If you build it they will come”.

  28. georose

    I was hoping everything was OK with you after missing your CNET stuff. Found you again and wish you All The Best with your new site.

    1. Topher Kessler Post author

      Thanks! I’m glad you found the site. I’m hoping to bring at least what I was able to do at CNET to this site (and perhaps more), but we will see. It’s a work-in-progress, but will likely always have the same blog atmosphere.

  29. James Smith

    I am so glad I have found this site. I very much miss macfixit as the cnet site is rubbish.
    Thanks from a mac user in England

  30. Patrick

    That explains it! I wondered why we hadn’t seen your posts for a while! Funny, now I have NO reason to read anything on CNET. Glad I found you again!! You’re a genius (no pun intended!).


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